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You actually did it then,a new thread about armadillos!!So nice of you,I think I could talk about this animal for hours,and it's weird since I have never seen it but in pictures! cute.gif

Is there anybody in this forum who has actually seen armadillos?Cos I really wanna know how it is to touch them etc...I've fallen in love with this animal love.gif !

Thanks again Daim,for making this thread...(though I don't think that any others apart from the two of us would be interested..) We will see icon_wink.gif ...

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Thanks! You know,it has a very weird characteristic,it never diggs near the nests of other animals,the only animal that it doesn't respect and diggs within it's terattory is human!Lol!Scientists are trying to give an explanation,but I say that this animal simply treats us as we worth it!

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As a U.S. American I really think that Armadillos are cute...tasty too. My granny used to catch in the backyard in the cat traps she would set. She'd bust 'em over an anvil to knock the shell off - you ain't ne'er heard so much yelping in yo life (had to keep em alive lest they spoil). But, when granny'd fry 'em up in lard - oooh boy! That was a lucky day for the cats - we'd just leave them in the traps for the next week.

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Since 1983 my friends and I have gathered together every second weekend in July to have our annual Armadillo Atonement. It involves a high bluff surrounded by a sage covered valley, a live armadillo (very rare to see alive, usually only found on the roadside, another reason to ban cars and force people to ride bicycles) and some roman candles.

The armadillos are sacrificed (figuratively of course) as a blessing to the earth god, as roman candels are ignited to celebrate the offering rising to the heavens.

Wonderful creature.

I can't believe some basturd would eat one. Queso is a vampire. :mad:

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Queso is a vampire and a big piece of poo to boot. I would never advocate the eating of Armadillo; however, I really enjoy my brand new handbag.

armadillobag.jpg :thumbup:

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If you see this armadillo, DO NOT try to make sweet love to it. It did things to me that make me cry while I sleep. When I threw out my safe word, it took no notice and became angry and scratched me all up.

I know it's a sexy sexy biest. Don't fall under it's powers.

Oh, and they can pee on you from more than 50 feet away. That is unless there was a second one standing on the roof while the others distracted me.

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Guest armadildo

Oh no I didn't!! :celb:

Here's a pic of me. I'm cuddly and sweet and can take you to another world!

So, what's up ladies??

Armadildo's out and rootin' up your forum and seducing your wimmens.

Whatya gonna do???


Hey, I just noticed where I know that muscled up armadillo from.

That's King Koopa from Super Mario Brothers!!!


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As a graduate from Texas Tech University I beleive I am fully qualified to say that armadillos are a nuisance. I have spent countless amounts of money because of these creatures, and my degree doesn't allow me to make the kind of money that some of you make.

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