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Whales and dolphins are people too - so is it wrong to keep them locked up for our own entertainment?


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Dolphins and whales are sentient beings, and they are most likely also sapient. So why are we keeping them locked up for our own entertainment, or worse, brutally slaughtering them?

"There is now ample scientific evidence that capacities once thought to be unique to humans are shared by these beings. Like humans, whales and dolphins are 'persons'. That is, they are self-aware beings with individual personalities and a rich inner life. They have the ability to think abstractly, feel deeply and choose their actions. Their lives are characterized by close, long-term relationships with conspecifics in communities characterized by culture. In short, whales and dolphins are a who, not a what."


I kind of feel the same way about cows and pigs. Because studies have shown that pigs are smarter than dogs and even three-year-olds. And that cows are capable of having friendships and grudges against other cows.

So we really need to start re-thinking how we treat our cattle and other animals. After all, they are also animals and they also got feelings, just like us humans.

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I don't know and understand why people are cutting up whales and dolphins. I don't even know why people want to kill sharks, for the reason that these sharks are killing surfers etc, but it isn't right, either to kill the sharks simply because you want to have their fins as delicacies. Honestly, I feel it's wrong to kill animals.

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That is a fascinating fact about cows holding grudges and being able to make friendships with other cows. Can you tell me the source of your information Simonleuf?

I totally agree that is as bad as murder to be killing these majestic sea mammals. The Japanese and Norwegian are notorious for supporting the destruction of Whales and dolphins and have now increased their number of kills through "scientific research" excuses. I also agree with you, Mystique that sharks shouldn't be hunted and killed simply because they kill/bite a single surfer once every blue moon. My proposal for this is that a traffic light system is put in place at high risk areas. Once all sharks are tagged, you can keep track of them GPS locators. Then at beaches a red light can be displayed if a man eater has been spotted within a certain distance of the beach within the past few days/24 hours.

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I find it shocking that people are not considering the feelings of the creatures. Just because they look different and behave different to us does not mean they are stupid. Just because they are not dominant on earth does not mean they are not superior. Most of these creatures are gentle and peace loving and a whole lot better looking too! I hope that humans will begin to consider their actions in the future.

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