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E-Books vs. Traditional Books

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With the current e-trend gaining popularity all over the world, everyone is switching their old favorites to its e-version. Just like most of my friends starting to switch from reading traditional books to e-versions of these books. They find it convenient, especially for e-readers with atlas installed as they can easily search the meaning of a unfamiliar word without the help of a hand-carry dictionary.

Come to think of it, less popularity of traditional/paper books there will probably less need to cut trees for mass production of printed books. There are books selling millions of copies worldwide, now if the trend goes on, there will be less need for printed copies and e-books price is cheaper.

On the other hand, it seems as if time will come that traditional/paper books will be like the manuscripts written in papyrus. Preserved in museums and safe facilities. :) I've heard thousands of books in some big prestigious library have been disposed. I hope those books were donated to countries in need of decent books for school/educational purposes.

So, which is your pick? E-reader and e-books or Paper/Traditional Books?

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I would choose an e-book, it is simpler and much more sustainable than a paper book. Billions of trees are cut down annually for paper making. It seems counter-productive somehow. Paper was used then as this technology was not available.

If books were made purely out of recycled paper, I would have no problem with them. So far, only certain books are created in this way though. I am sure more will in the future...I hope so.

I must admit that there is something very romantic about the look and feel of a book - but I generally prefer the trees in the ground, producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, providing shade and generally: looking pretty!

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I seldom read books and I actually prefer traditional books.

Usually I just read articles and news online since books takes more time and it makes my eyes tired to look at the screen for too long.

Same goes with me, I don't like staring for long hours reading. I can stay for a couple of hours online but I don't frequently stare at the monitor. I prefer looking down on my keyboard especially when I'm typing just to avoid staring too long at the screen.

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