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Largest Crocodile Captured

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Are you aware of this news regarding the largest crocodile captured alive? What is your initial reaction about knowing the news?

It was all over the local news and online news during the first week of September when it was captured here in the Philippines. It is said that it could be the largest of its kind to be captured alive. It is a male crocodile and some villagers believe that there is still another creature as big or bigger than him that could be his wife (a female crocodile).

For photos: Yahoo News

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Hmmmm ... I wonder if the local authorities are planning a humane relocation of this poor old guy? That's the typical action taken in the Southern US with "problem" or "nuisance" wildlife -- whether the animal poses a danger to human residents or not.

While I do realize that it would be sheer folly to allow this croc to remain in close proximity to people, I also fervently hope that he is dealt with humanely!

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Wow. At first it didn't look big until I scrolled through the pictures and saw the one where all of those people were standing behind it. That's just beyond amazing! He's such a gorgeous creature, too. I really hope that he's released into the wild in an area that isn't populated. I really hate zoos unless they're used to help repopulate a species and the animals will eventually be released when they can survive in the wild again.

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The link is broken so I can't view the news, but I think I know the one you are all talking about it. I am afraid to say that it was killed. If this is the image of the crocodile with the African village stood near by? I'm sure they ate what they could and used the skin. I think it had been responsible for many deaths in the area.

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That crocodile was found here in the Philippines. Sadly, its been turned as a tourist attraction by the local government. They should have just released it in the wild where it can populate rather than let it sit in the cage where people look at it and take pictures of it. I think that it may cause a huge amount of stress on the croc. I don't really like how the local government here in the Philippines handle this kind of situation.

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