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6 Tips to Stay Away from Flu


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According to the study and exploration in medical science, flu is a disease which hits your nose, throat and breathing system. It can spread from one person to other person easily.

Flu’s Symptoms

It you are facing irritation and itching in your nose, throat and breathing system, it shows that you are suffering from flu. You can’t smell things easily as there is interruption at the time of inhaling and exhaling. You also face gulping problem in this regard.

Secondly, you are hit by fever that does not let you work in proper manner and due to fever, your all parts of body are affected and they can’t move and work easily. In addition, you are also hit by headache.

What Causes Flu?

When it is a question of being affected by flu, one thing comes in mind what is really true; drinking cold water any time before or after meal causes flu. Eating ice cream if you are outside of your house is also very dangerous to your health. Sour and processed foods are not good because they cause inflammation in your lungs and stomach as well.

1) Warm Your Front

It is really very important to keep in mind that wearing warm dresses is extremely good because your front upper body is safe from cold. It is has been understood that cold may affect your body and that is why you can face flu. At home, you can undress warm clothes, but wear outside.

2) Muffle Your Face

Muffle your face if it snows. It is genii that caring people do this work. If it is minus 20 centigrade, you better take out your muffler from cupboard to enjoy the fashionable life outdoor. If you are willing to play with ice, you should have proper clothes.

3) Wait for Drinking

Suppose if you have just reached at your home after playing or doing some activities done under sunlight, you are not supposed to drink water immediately. Wait for a few minutes then drink otherwise you will have flu.

4) Having a Bath

If you are going to have a shower, make sure you have not come from sunlight. Majority of people face this problem due to taking a bath just after performing workouts and other activities which are done under the sun.

5) Get Checked Furnace

It is better to get your furnace and ducts cleaned once a year because the dust and dirt which come through air can harm your breathing system and cause other diseases like asthma and skin irritation.

6) Gargle a Day

Gargle a day for a few seconds keeps your flu at bay. It is a treatment which is done at your home easily. As far as the oldest studies are concerned, gargling is ever such helpful to give instant relief to your throat. If you have no flu, cough and headache, you better gargle every day before sleep because it prevents you from these issues. Add a teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and then gargle.


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