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From Weed Control to Soil Erosion Vines Has Many Beneficial Uses


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Flowering vines bring color and pleasant aromas to any landscape. Some flowering vines can grow several feet a year, which means it is important to provide it with proper structural support. Trellises provide you with many options; making them the perfect option for any garden installment. 

Dense thick well rooted vines like pachysandra and english ivy is excellent for soil erosion and to plant in areas of steep hillsides and in places that can not be mowed and cared for. They smoother out weeds and make an excellent scenery for those areas one can not get to well in landscaping.

Arbors can provide a canopy of flowers to walk under, making them an outstanding trellis option. Easily create a whimsical walkway of drooping flowers, sure to draw attention. On the other hand, wrought iron trellises provide an optimal structure for your flowering vine to grow upon and they will surely last the test of time. Wrought iron options can come in a variety of beautiful designs and colors, some with intricate designs and features. Another option is a wooden lattice trellis; they provide an easy and affordable structure for your flowering vines to crawl up and can be cut and shaped to your specific needs. Also, as a quick and simple option, plastic trellises provide your vine a straight structure to grow upon and can be installed quickly without too much effort or hardware. 

Some flowering vines will bloom multiple times a year depending on your growing region and others will boast beautifully colored leaves year-round. In order to pick the right flowering vine for your garden installment, you may need to familiarize yourself with the different types, species and breeds available.

Some varieties, such as the trumpet vine, grow with a woody stalk and are ideal for a perennial addition to your plot. Others, like the fragrant Japanese honeysuckle vines, give off a pleasant odor which might go nicely placed near a window in your home. Another classic option is perwinkle, which will spread indefinitely from its base, making it a great option for filling ground space as well as growing along surfaces and on trellises. 

With such a variety of to choose from, you are sure to find the right flowering vine for your next garden addition. Plant your flowering vines near a trellis, and you are sure to create a picturesque scene that will provide a pleasing and long-lasting display. 

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