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I'm just curious, which out of the worlds continents is the worst affected by global warming. I know most of you will say Africa but I would like to know if Africa or any other you choose, which are your reasons.

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I would say Africa and Asia. But really, those regions that will be worst affected by climate change are the poorer ones. We who live in developed countries in the rich world will be affected last. Sure, we will experience rising food costs, a changing climate, rising sea levels and millions upon millions of climate refugees. But we will be able to withstand all this much better and much longer because of our wealth.

Those regions and people that will be affected the worst by climate change are the ones who are the least responsible for it.

For example, this map below clearly reveals climate change injustice in the world.

"The map shows in red where the human vulnerability to climate change is greatest. Countries in yellow are expected to experience a more moderate effect on their populations. Blue indicates the least effected populations. Areas in white either lack data or people. The bitter irony is that many of the places which may suffer the worse effects are places contributing the least to climate change causes."

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I could agree that less developed countries would be more affected than rich countries. Usually poorer countries have poor urban design that leads to more worse flood situations. And because of lack of funds, facilities for rescue and relief goods are also not sufficient for all those who are affected.

But sadly to say, pollutants comes mostly from more developed countries and then poorer countries suffers more because of its effects in the environment.

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Developing countries are the ones suffering, especially tropical continents in some parts of Asia. :| When it rains, it pours and flash floods. >.< I think developing countries should learn from developed countries, what they're doing is affected millions of people worldwide and yet they're still aspiring to follow the footsteps of these giants. Would be best to ventured in anything organic and eco-friendly to help with mother nature.

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I would say Antarctica is most affected continent by global warming. As it is where our vast deposits of ice caps and are now melting at a very fast rate. The effect of these meltdown are not yet felt by the whole world, but sooner or later it will take its toll and will affect our way of life. Marine life are now beginning to take its toll and if we do not do something about it, we too are in the blink of destruction.

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