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Hurray, my new tablet :D


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Hello guys :D

i need an opinion hehehe xD

I bought this tablet at FocalPrice site:


See here the specifications:


I'm really enjoying the tablet hehehe

What do you think of this tablet? Is a good tablet to play games and see movies?

Tell your opinions please.

thank you :D

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To be honest I've been very tempted by the idea of a tablet. But I cannot see the usefulness of the current android or ios tablets. They all seem so useless and weak. I rather wait till next year when Microsoft releases their new and tablet-friendly operating system Windows 8. A tablet with Windows 8? Yes please!

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It was nice to know you are really enjoying your new tablet and as I had been hearing from some friends that have tablets, they mainly use it for games.

I do not have a tablet since I am still enjoying my net book and I prefer using keyboard than touchscreens. It is much easier for me to use.

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Nice. Congratulations. I was only able to enjoy my Samsung tab for more than a week, my sister lost mine while she was out having fun. :( I loved my tab even if I was only able to enjoy its wonderful functions for a while.. :( It was quite friendly and convenient.. I'm sure you'll be happy with your new tab.. grats again.. :D

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Congrats! It looks very nice. My dad just purchased a tablet. He's a bit upset, because it doesn't have USB cords. Also he is having trouble playing some videos, because of Flash. I think overall, he's pretty happy. He got it for around $80 because of a Black Friday sale. I think the iPad is the nicest tablet, but of course it is one of the most expensive. Hopefully you are satisfied with your tablet!

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That looks good! From what I can tell from the link, it's Android 2.3. That's not really a bad version of Android, but it is a bit outdated. I have an Acer Iconia A100 and it recently had Android 4.0 released for it. It was 3.2 but 4.0 is a huge upgrade. It plays movies seamlessly and the graphics are excellent. It has a dual core processor so it's really fast. I usually use my laptop, but I prefer my tablet after a while. I like being able to curl up on the couch with it, which is difficult to do with a lapdesk on my lap and the laptop on top of it.

I actually just purchased an A10, which I think is the lesser version of that A80 you linked, for my daughter's 10th birthday for $91 and it has basically the same specs as yours. I'm going to flash it to Android 4.0 so she can use all of the extras. It's coming today! I've been keeping an eye out for UPS to come by. She's going to be so excited when she gets home from school.

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