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New design! Feedback welcomed!


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As you can see, Green Blog has a new website design! :)


It just went live and will most likely have a couple of errors. So if you find any bugs (or really anything that doesn't look OK) please let me know in this topic.


Bugs found:

  • The tag system (both in forum topics and regular tag pages). Fixed!
  • Search results pages. Fixed!
  • Archive pages. Fixed!
  • Blog dashboard. Fixed!
Edited by Simon Leufstedt
updated the bugs list
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Thank you Mark! There are still some inconsistencies here and there which I'm working on to fix. At the moment the design works best on bigger screens, but I am planning on making the website more responsive so that all users will be able to adequately browse green blog. But one step at the time. If you are on a tablet, a phone or any other small device you can use our special mobile theme for the moment - just change your theme options in settings.

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As you can see, we have yet another new website design. Due to some severe bugs in the previous design I had to do some drastic changes. The old design might come back once these site-breaking bugs have been fixed.


But this design isn't so bad if I may say so myself. ;) Besides the new looks, we also got two new article layouts. For example: Here is the standard article layout and here is an article layout for longer articles or articles with amazing photos.


Let me know what you think! Good? Bad? Awful?

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Still me! I like both designs but if I should decide I'd choose the past one.


So do I. ;)


And I love the new energy forums! :D


Ah yes, I have started to re-organize some of the forums. You are more than welcome to come with suggestions on how the forum categories can be improved upon. :)

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