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Taxes Against Autovehicles Pollution In California

Mark Piazzalunga

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California will be the first state to impose a "carbon tax" directly at the fuel pump to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Democratic California declared war to greenhouse gas emissions, from power generators to oil refineries to autovehicles. An impopular move of course, considering how much Americans loves taxes. The lawmaker in question told on Feb. 20 that higher prices discourage demand decreasing pollution and slowing climate change. Many voices raised against the tax. "It's not fair to force drivers to pay and let oil companies off the hook". This is the critic of a Senator. California's average regular gasoline price is $ 3.80, second highest in the U.S. Perhaps the methods aren't fair and there are better ways but something has to be done. What do you think? Write it in the comments.

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I think carbon taxes is a good idea. With a carbon tax on things that that damage our environment and climate, such as gasoline, we can reduce demand while at the same time get an influx of well-needed money to fund various green programs.


Tem Darrell Steinberg is the man behind this proposal which will directly tax motorists 15 cents a gallon, rising to 24 cents in 2020 (Source: Businessweek). “Under either a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade applied to fuel, consumers will undoubtedly pay more at the pump,” Steinberg told the Sacramento Press Club on Feb. 20. “Higher prices discourage demand. If carbon pricing doesn’t sting, we won’t change our habits.”


The money raised from this carbon tax, estimated at $3.6 billion during the first year, would help pay for public transit and a social help for poor families. 


But, if I've understood his proposal correctly , he wants to shift responsibility for the emissions - from oil companies to consumers. And that doesn't seem right. With that said, I do think consumers should have to pay a higher gas price at the pump. But oil companies need to bear a large® part of the responsibility, they can't get rich on business that is killing the climate. 

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You're totally right. The daily individual actions of people for environmental protection are important but also companies with large capital have to make big sacrifices that can be great investments in the future.

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