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It's cold outside, so CNN debates climate change

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Peter Hart complains about a recent climate debate on CNN's Crossfire which he says misleads viewers and spreads climate denialism.



Right from the beginning, the January 6 episode of CNN's Crossfire sounded like a bad idea. Here's the announcement that aired at the top of the show: "How far below zero does it have to get to cool off the global warming debate?" To make things clearer, the top of the show announcement continued: "This week's historic cold brings out the skeptics. Will it put the climate change debate in the deep freeze?" But while cold weather might "bring out" climate change deniers, it was CNN that decided to put one on Crossfire, creating a familiar–and false– "balance" between those who accept climate science and those who do not.
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I don't take CNN serious on any issues anymore. This channel is trying to compete with the likes of FOX News by putting on programming and basically making light of an issue as serious as global warming. I don't find the topic of global warming as pun for entertainment. These so-called journalists should know better, but this is an era of where ratings are king and integrity in one's journalistic work takes a permanent back seat. I am offended by the clip simply because I personally feel these men planned for the interview to go a certain way and did it for a sound bite the next day. Sighs, okay I am probably sounding a little too pessimistic and my own distain for CNN is evident. I just wish people truly explore the depths of global warming and not limit it to frivolous nonsense to give deniers further reasons to reject the issue.  

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