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Wildlife at Chernobyl

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I wanted to open a discussion about this. 

I remember seeing a documentary about the aftermath of Chernobyl in the exclusion zone, and the wildlife is thriving there after the nuclear disaster.

You can read an article about this here


Do Animals in Chernobyl’s Fallout Zone Glow?    


The unlikeliest wildlife sanctuary.



What will happen, in the event that we, human beings, make the Earth uninhabitable for us and become extinct.

I think life on planet Earth will continue,and new species will be created, able to survive the new conditions.


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There was a documentary on Chernobyl here about a year ago, it was just amazing to watch and justs see how life there is prospering despite all the radioactive fallout.

Seeing this does make me wonder how humans would survive if they moved back into the area..

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I saw some pictures of it the other day and couldn't believe how green and beautiful it was.  I know humans couldn't live there without some sort of nuclear protection still and it will be that way for 1000's of years.  After looking at those pictures I wondered how those animals had adapted.  It was a neat to see them out in nature as they are supposed to be.

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Yes, this is great news, but I have to wonder if there are going to be any side effects to these animals lives. Surely, if humans cannot live there, neither can animals without experiencing some type of consequences. Perhaps it will take a little more time before we see the true nature of this dangerous ground. I think we may only have one side of the story.

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