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People starting to state climate change is cause of certain storms more often.


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Previously people would never say 'this storm was caused by climate cahnge' but recently I've noticed people are starting to say more and more that when we have extreme weather it may be either caused or worsens by climate change. Even David Cameron today said today that he suspects that the recent Unusual UK flood was connected to climate change.



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While I am glad that people are starting to pay attention, I think their realizations are too late. Corporations have had time to get a stranglehold on our governments and by the time we rid ourselves of our bought and paid for politicians the climate will have changed so much that it cannot recover.

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It just amazes me that so many people refuse to acknowledge something like this until it's pretty much too late. So many people scoffed and laughed at Al Gore when he brought this topic to the media. Many individuals literally ridiculed him, and I have to wonder if the same people are still feeling so smugly unconcerned about the concept of climate change now. I don't understand why we have to wait until we are in crisis before we make major changes. You would think the human race would have evolved more than that, by this point in time.  

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I suppose we never learn from the past mistakes ancient civilizations have made. Only now we literally have the power to destroy the planet.
Science and technology have given us the means to destroy this planet. 

Things look pretty bleak. I really doubt that anyone is in control. Perhaps the politicians, but they will wake up only when it is too late.

The way I see it, there will come a time when resources will become scarce, so there will be massive wars and population purges. The strong ones will survive. It's all in Darwin's survival of the fittest.

The most technologically advanced nation will destroy the poorer nations and take their resources.

It is already happening. Look at the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. It's all about resources: oil in particular. The US are waging war, and taking what they need.

When resources are even more scarce, more such wars will follow.

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