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Are things worse than we think?

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Climatologists warned us of irreversible climate changes and rising ocean levels several years ago. We are seeing the very events they warned us of. Rising oceans have forced the Maldives to shop for new land as the ocean obliterates their island nation and coral reefs are dying off.


However, forecasts did not allow for the nuclear disaster at Fukushima or the added methane escaping from melting permafrost. Something tells me that we should be more than concerned. We should be alarmed and clamouring for immediate changes in how our society functions!


I have a feeling that our planet has already reached the point of no return, and that climate change will now proceed at a pace that now neuters preventative or adaptive measures we might have executed.


Do you think things are actually worse than we have been led to believe?





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I actually believe things are less 'bad' than we think. I'm not refering to the actual damage itself, but our ability to adapt. Of course we should do our utmost to keep the damage to as minimal as possible. But with the exception of nuclear much of the environmenal damage we do will be undone overtime. We're always improving our agricultural abilities and water management, so even when we do face increased droughts for example, I believe to an extent we will be able to absorb some of that impact with greater technology.

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I think things are actually worse than the main stream media and politicians want us to believe.  All you have to do is watch the weather reports and to think back, even within your own memory, and ask if you notice more extremes than in the past.  I think common sense tells most of us something is in the works and has been progressing at an alarming rate.

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