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Our environment needs some aggressive steps to be taken from every organization to every single human being. Although every country and communities are talking about it but still the work done is negligible. It is the time when there is various sort of tension between countries and they are competing with each other for weapons, missiles and what not. Life at many places feel like hell with rising temperature. There are a huge number of issues to talk and worried:about deteriorating and worsening condition of our climate. But, now the time has come that every single individual must start to do something to reduce his carbon footprint. Now question arises what and how one can participate? I guess, if we do take care about certain issues then it may bring good results some day. Like if we talk about various gadgets and things then we must use them as long as possible. Sometimes we unnecessarily replace things like mobile, furniture, clothes etc. The manufacturing process not only does pollution but consume lots of water and electricity also. So if we reuse , recycle and reduce then it may help in many ways. Also, things with good quality last more so better it would be if we buy quality things.

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