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How do I apply to be a contributor?


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Green Blog is always looking for new authors and contributors. We are especially looking for authors from countries outside of USA and Canada. We do not look for individual stories (you can post such stories yourself in our Community blog), instead we want people who can contribute environmental news on a more regular basis.
Green Blog is leaned towards the left. We believe that human and civil rights, global peace, equality and democracy all plays central roles in safeguarding our environment and improving - in a sustainable and non-destructive way - the lives of all people on this fragile planet. Green Blog encourage people to take direct non-violent action against CO2 emitting sources and protest against the current climate change inaction.
You need to be comfortable with the material you're writing about. This is not a must, but we'd like you to write predominantly for one or two specific areas. This enables us to publish your articles more quickly, and helps you to focus your abilities. 
We only accept original articles and posts. Please note that we are talking about citizen journalism and that we cannot pay you anything for this. Contributors will get complete control of their posts, a byline under every post and be able to post affiliate links in their articles. Green Blog also supports Flattr - which allows you to receive micro-donations from our readers.
Want to write for us? If so please follow these simple steps:
  • If you haven't already, go to our community and register.
  • Once registered and logged in go to the Contributors forum and click on the Become a Contributor subforum link. In this subforum you can create a new topic and apply to become an author on Green Blog. And don't worry. Other people cannot see the topics or posts you create in this forum. Only Green Blog administrators can read your posts.
  • In your topic please tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to become a contributor on Green Blog. If possible please give us one or two examples of something you have written about before (does not have to be related to the environment). Other questions that are relevant:
  • Have you had previous experience in blogging?
  • What kind of topics would you like to write about on Green Blog?
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