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Coca-Cola probably doesn't want you to see this ad


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Seabirds and other animals often mistake plastics with food. These plastic objects slowly fills their stomachs over time until they are unable to ingest any real food. A slow death by starvation then follows for these poor seabirds.
In Australia, this plastic rubbish is estimated to affect up to 65% of the seabird population. And Coca-Cola is currently trying to fight legislation that is key to fixing this problem. 
This short ad, by Greenpeace, exposes how Coca-Cola is willing to let plastic pollution trash our oceans and kill our marine life. 
Watch it: 
Here's three things you can do to help stop Coca-Cola trashing Australia: http://grenblg.in/15o6OwP
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What a powerful piece about such an awful and preventable situation. The little boy and the bird at the end shows the insanity of allowing this to happen. We have mandatory "redemption value" assesed on our beverages here and it is an incentive for people to recycle. It is difficult to believe Coke fights this in the international marketplace. Thank you for sharing this and it is getting the word out that will make a difference.

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If only we could get this ad on free to air TV in Australia, I predict there would be a fairly large backlash against them.


Their defence I am sure would be: "We use plastic bottles to avoid the social consequences of glassings".


I guess the next question to this, what can replace the plastic bottle and lids? Glass and aluminium cans obviously come to mind first, but even cans are not entirely without their own environmental consequences.

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