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Heaven and Hell

Dreek Lass

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A lot of people, depending on what religion that they choose to identify with, will say that they think that there is a heaven and a hell, and that bad people (sinners) go to hell, whilst good people go to heaven.


The question that I would like to ask is if you believe that hell is a real place, in the way that it is depicted in biblical texts, or do you think that heaven and hell are states of mind?

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i don't believe that the spirit can ever die, which means you have to go somewhere. People don't die, they just move to another place. I watched a couple of videos of near death experiences and they all reported seeing a place where people were in great pain and unending torment. It was pointed out to them that they would be going there if they died today, and it was because they had not forgiven. One had not forgiven the person who had not helped him, while he was dying, because they had thought he was on drugs.Seems, forgiveness is vitally important as these people never even knew each other and lucky for them, they were sent back.

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Life is a complex succession of long chemical reactions. A little bit reductive and materialist but that's what it is. When we die cellular respiration ends and so all the others reactions. I think that when someone dies there's nothing. Pure nothing, since I believe that there's no soul with an own weight.

Regarding the existence of heaven and hell I think in history there have been so many inventions and so many denails. People thought heaven was over the sky and hell under the ground. When the first man went in Space he have seen nothing and we now that the only thing under the ground that sounds infernal is the temperature.

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