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Farm Fresh? Agricultural Technology and How it Changes What We Eat

There has been so much advancement in the world of agriculture that the techniques of yesteryear have almost been put to shame. So many of these use the technology that has been advancing at a whirlwind pace.


One such technology that is available are air and soil sensors. These allow an understanding of the air and soil conditions in a real time setting. Forest, farm, and water conditions would be among the conditions it could tell us as well.

Vertical Farms

Another technology that is being experimented with is the ability to grow vertical farms. These would be farms in skyscrapers or other urban settings, growing on the various levels and up instead of on the ground and out. In this kind of a farm, spacers (IE the little shims that are placed behind something to keep it off a surface) would be useful for keeping the sprinkler systems effective or for keeping a growing table level. Phoenix Specialty uses state-of-the-art technologies and Agriculture Manufacturing process to produce custom components for the industry.

In-Vitro Meat

While this one is being tested and played around with, it has yet to be approved for use in the market: in-vitro meat. This is meat that is essentially grown in a test tube, almost like they show in some science fiction movies. However, the meat is never part of a living animal. The concept might be mainstream and available for public use in the year 2027. It's still in the early stages of experimentation and being perfected.

New Strains Of Plants And Animals

Alongside this concept is the concept of new strains of plants and animals that have been genetically designed to better serve needs. However, this is not going to follow the pattern of GMOs (or genetically modified organisms). These plants and animals would be designed from the ground up. This would be a large advantage due to how much food is not kept intact during the manufacturing process that a lot of modern day food goes through.

Smart Systems

Smart systems for home gardens are another technological advancement that has recently taken place. These consist of stakes that are placed in the ground. They are solar powered. The stakes monitor a variety of different things in the garden like rainfall, ground state, plants, air temperature, and even soil temperature. All of the information is sent to the gardener's smart phone, and the updates allow problems to be addressed as soon as possibly feasible.

However, there are so many other technologies that have been added to the agricultural world. It all varies, but it is all useful in today's world.


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