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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Interior

People are looking towards the future and becoming more interested in protecting the planet for the next generation. Maybe you’ve already embraced the trend with fuel-efficient cars, but it’s time to make your home interior a little greener. An eco-friendly home interior is better for the environment, healthier for your family and stylish.


Bring in the Plants

Home interiors have more chemicals than people realize. When new carpet and furniture comes in, it can start emitting VOCs that are dangerous for your family. That “new carpet smell” is actually the chemicals poisoning your household, and they can creep into the home through all types of accessories. Use plants to decorate the home and filter the air. They remove chemicals to keep the property cleaner, and they add color, texture and life to a room. Some of the best plants for removing toxins are bamboo palm, English ivy, spider plant and weeping fig.

Save on Utilities with Window Treatments

This is such a simple change, but it can make a difference in your household utility cost. During the day, open the curtains or blinds to their fullest and let the light stream into the home. You can leave interior lights off, thereby reducing your electricity usage. When the sun sets and the temperature drops, close the blinds to help block any drafts and stop heat transmission. In the summer, switch to lightweight curtains that you can keep closed against the sun. Light will still filter through, but the heat transmission will be blocked to keep your home cooler.

Go with Eco-friendly Floors

One of the most eco-friendly options for flooring is wood floors from FSC managed forests. Wood flooring that’s properly cared for can last for decades, so it won’t have to be replaced. You can also look for recycled flooring that’s made from recycled lumber, and you can choose reclaimed floors that came out of warehouses, old churches and other aging buildings. Other great flooring options include bamboo, recycled ceramic and glass, cork and even recycled rubber. You can see examples by visitng hamptons houses gallery. If you want carpet, then make sure you choose options with non-toxic dyes. You can also find carpets made from recycled materials like plastic bottles and straws.

Look for Energy Star Options

When remodeling the home, always look for the Energy Star mark on appliances, doors and windows. Energy efficient windows will help you reduce heating and cooling costs. Appliances that are more efficient pull less electricity or gas, so you can feel great about reducing your carbon footprint.

Embrace Recycling

It’s hard to know whether new accessories are environmentally friendly, but you can eliminate the guesswork by recycling. Before you head to the local department store, start at the neighborhood thrift store. You can find throw pillows, blankets, vases and other great accessories that are perfect for your home. They aren’t pulling any new resources, and many non-profit thrift stores are trying to support an important mission, like helping people get back to work. You’ll feel great about doing your part for the environment and helping out your neighbors.

Go Natural

When looking at new accessories and materials, move away from chrome, plastic and particleboard. These are all harmful to the environment and cannot be recycled. Solid wood and other organic materials are a much better choice.

When it comes to home décor, you don’t have to continue using products that are harmful to the environment and dangerous for your family. You can embrace attractive design and a healthier home by going with eco-friendly décor. Use these tips to help design your home in a manner that protects your family and the planet.


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