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Renting A Removal Truck To Move Home

Renting a truck or van to move home enables you to do a lot of the work yourself, which means that you can be sure everything goes in in the right place while also enabling you to save money. As long as you have at least one able-bodied and willing helper, you should be able to move all of your stuff without too many problems. Choosing the right van, and the best available rental service is also an important part of the process, too.

Check Dimensions

There are many different makes and models of van available, and as well as the typical transit van style, you can use small or large removal type vans, while dropside trucks may be best for getting rid of rubbish and waste, because they offer even more convenience when opening the back and emptying the load. Even transit vans come in a number of sizes, including the short wheel base and long wheel base models, so you will need to check the dimensions as well as the style of vehicle. It is worth considering the interior dimensions, because the wheel arch may prevent you from using all of the available space in some trucks.

Add Additional Drivers

Unless you are only moving a few items and only around the corner then it may be a good idea to include a second driver as part of your rental agreement. Even if you plan to do the driving yourself, you never know what might happen on the day, and if you put your back out or are needed to deal with estate agents, the second driver can carry on moving the stuff while you catch up later.

Check Mileage Allowance

If you are moving further than a few streets away, do check the rental agreement to ensure that you will not creep over any mileage allowance that might be stipulated. This could end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long run, and if you know that you have a lot of ground to cover, then it is best to be safe. If you’re planning two trips, you might want to allow for a third, and remember that you have to return the van unless you have prior consent to drop the van off at a different location to the collection point.

Check Your Dates And Times

It may sound obvious, but you should check the time and date that you agree to collect the van. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to finish the move, and that you will have plenty of opportunity to pick the van or truck up before you start loading stuff into the back. Rushing typically leads to problems and even breakages, so if you can take the whole process at a more leisurely pace, it will be better.

Check Your Documents

You will need to present your driving licence, as well as the licence of any additional drivers. You will also need your car to make payment, and utility bills from your current address, as proof of address. Without these documents, you will not be able to rent a van or truck, and you should check with the rental company to make sure that you have everything that is required in order to avoid disappointment and major difficulties on the day of the move.

NationwideHireUK.co.uk has a fleet of vans and trucks that are ideal for use moving your belongings from one property to another. Visit the website, get a quote, and make a booking to save money on using a professional removal service.


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