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5 Best Practices For Building Inexpensive, Green Homes


Home builders need to save money, particularly those buying their home for the first time. Building green homes once was considered to be a luxury but now is affordable. Green home construction has some costs, but many of the green systems put in place save money in home maintenance.

Communicating with Suppliers

By working with suppliers, home builders will determine the best products obtainable from the manufacturers. This step will get the homes certified by the National Green Building Standards. Builders might find floor choices that use carpet that had recycled material and padding, hardwood flooring that was engineered and recycled bathroom tile.

Substitute Materials for Framing and Techniques

Alternate methods and materials for framing could offer saving time and cost as well as a way of gaining points in green certification. Possibilities might include using trusses and panels. These methods save labor and are efficient resources. These result in less waste material on the building site. Pre-constructed systems can produce better thermal efficiency over buildings that are stick frames. More efficient site framing approaches include ladder blocking that requires less wood and allows more space for insulation and two-stud corners that permits for one fewer studs at the corner, providing for a more completely insulated corner.

Multiuse Products

To maintain low production cost while building green, use methods or products that have several green aspects. Once example is the use of cabinets that do not have formaldehyde and are constructed of recycled material, thus acquiring green certification for keeping the quality of the indoor atmosphere and material.

Efficient Water Use

Efficient water use benefits the property owner, but does not increase the cost of house construction. Included in this are the long term benefits of low-flow shower heads, toilets and faucets, along with appliances that are rated as water saving. Recently, the supply of these items is more readily available and more inexpensive than the fixtures that do not provide the water savings. Most of these items do not require special orders.

Affordable Landscaping

After determining the budget, the homeowner should think about the needs for the landscaping. It does take time for the yard and plants to fill in, and the second year shows the progress. To acquire inexpensive sod, it is best to get estimates from several landscapers, like those at Western Turf Farms Ltd, before deciding on who to supply and lay your sod. The green areas can be maintained more effectively by cutting the lawn at two inches and above so the structure of the root will be stronger and hardier. The grass will also require less frequent lawn treatments.

New home builders must plan to save costs and build houses that meet green standards. They will find many practices will save costs in maintaining their homes as time passes.

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