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Great Green Hope: 6 Positive Impacts of Green Technology


Green technology is becoming more on the forefront of everyone's minds as the worry of global warming increases. The many positive impacts of green technology are numerous and can be measured by the attention that green tech has garnered in the past decade. Below we will explore some of the specifics of why some types of tech are better than others.

Solar Power

Unlike non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels, the sun is a renewable energy source that should stick around another 6 billion years according to NASA. Also, the surface of earth receives more sunlight then the power needed to supply the entire world. These are just a couple reasons why solar power is important going forward in turning this planet into a green planet.

Wind Turbines

There are many benefits of using wind turbines to produce energy.

  • Do not produce carbon dioxide when in use
  • Wind is a free fuel, making it the cheapest renewable energy technologies on the market.
  • Just one wind turbine can produce enough energy to support over 1,500 homes.

As you can see, these are just three of the reasons why wind turbines have a positive impact in the green technology movement.

Reduced Paper Usage

Because of the technological advances of the 20th century, the need for paper has decreased. Now, more and more people use computers to send letters and write papers. By reducing the need for paper, the demand for deforestation decreases which allows more trees to stay, increasing our natural energy in the world.

Electric Cars

Electric cars can decrease the use of fossil fuels as they increase of production of them improve as time goes on. Combining wind turbines to produce energy, electric cars can have a huge positive impact on this planet.

Recycling Tires

Recycling tires have many benefits to society. For one, they have a good source of fuel because of the high heating value of a tire. Also, they can be converted into material that makes roads and running tracks as well as playground mulch. You can easily see the benefit to the environment that Eco Green recycled tires has as the need for sand and gravel drops. Because of this reduced demand there will be less mining for those


Better Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have more power and less space than other batteries and they produce less energy than other batteries. Phones, laptops, and cars are all moving to lithium-ion batteries to help the environment.

As you see above, these are just six of many more positive impacts of Green Technology. We all can make a difference by just recycling items that we used daily. If we just do a little bit of work, we can all make this planet greener and better off.

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