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Eco-friendly home cleaning


Going green

If you want to be environmentally conscious and want to be eco-friendly then it is time that you take care of your home the green way too. There are a lot of home solutions for being greener and making your home more eco-friendly, and safer too.

Moreover, if you want to save some money on home-made cleaning supplies, then it is best to switch over to Chances are that most of the supplies needed you already have in your pantry.

DIY substitutions

Most branded cleaning products are as harmful to the environment as they are good cleaners. Most components can be broken down into a few simple household items that you can either find at home, or buy cheaply.

Baking soda, lemon, simple soap, lemon, lemon solvents and similar products all you will need to clean from now on. They do the same job, and sometimes you can even do a cleaner job than with a regular cleaning chemical product. Moreover, you will not be poisoning your home with chemicals, which in the long run can develop certain issues in human bodies.

Green cleaning

Basically, all you need is hot water and all the DIY substitutes to clean. Depending on the crime, you can find out what you can combine to get the best results. And the best of it all, none of these cleaning aids are harmful in any way to you or to your environment.

You can mix together elements to create your own formulas, or search for already tested and efficient formulas. Remember to label the mixtures so that you know what is what. And also it is imperative to keep the mixtures out of the reach of small children.

Steam it

Steam cleaners are a good way to collect dust and dirt, without having to worry about dust coming back quickly. It is safe and easy to use, because there are no chemicals involved. Moreover, steam cleaning allows you clean all surfaces and furniture. It would be advisable to steam clean your home at least once a month to keep everything neat and clean. Also, you will have less cleaning to do in the meantime.

Healthy cleaning

Whenever cleaning, and whenever possible, it is important let fresh air into the home. It will enable for all the accumulated bacteria to leave your home. When cleaning it is important to always ventilate well so that the fumes do not becoming hazardous. During colder weather, in order not to lose heat it is best to open all doors and windows for a good 5 minutes so that air can quickly get in and out, meanwhile minimizing heat loss.

From top to down

When cleaning, it is important to keep in mind that dust has to settle and you need to start from top, so that you can get dust to settle at the bottom. Moreover, do the heavy duty cleaning first, and only lastly vacuum clean.


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