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How to keep your skin "green"


Of course, the term green does not refer to the real colors of the skin, but to the fact that skin protection should also be done in accordance with some rules of ecology and sustainable development. It does not seem to be the case, but the market of products used for skin care is among those in which clashes between organizations like Greenpeace and cosmetics industry is on quite a high level. If you stop for a while and think deeply about how the products that we use for beautifying purposes arrive in our homes, it seems that the process is neither simple nor too clean. First of all, there must be plantations somewhere in the world of all these herbs and ingredients that are put into skin protection tools.

Apart from that, these products first need to be tested and it is not too probable that they are testing them on humans. Also, the plants of these manufacturers also use fossil fuels and harm the environment. So, it is really unbelievable that so many parts in this chain may be harmed or ruined to ensure that we have night cream on our night table.

Nature-loving skin protection

However, it does not mean that everything is painted black and that all manufacturers are merciless exploiters. For instance, many smaller manufacturers produce skin care products that follow all the regulations when it comes to keeping the environment safe. Except from that, many cosmetics businesses are run by people who are really interested in nature and getting the best from it. Nature-lovers are not going to pick a flower or make a plant cleansing if they notice the plant that they need for their herbal skin-protecting creams. Real appreciators of nature will always look for the solution in which everything that is taken from nature is returned to it in some way.

Many famous cosmetics brands do not do any tests on animals and do not use dead animals as ingredients. Such nature-friendly brands show that large players can also show their human side, only when they are warned that what they are doing is not right and moral.

Green skin within your home

While skin can really become green if applying a cucumber-based mask onto your face, there are numerous recipes for preparing eco skin lotions at home, without any need to kill or ruin another living being. For instance, you can have a great home-made skin scrub. You only need rolled oats, sunflower seeds, peppermint leaves and almonds. Here is the recipe for this great skin scrub. Numerous recipes for moisturizers and home-made creams can be find web- and book-wide. By using these home-made skin protecting features, you are going to save a lot of money on your monthly cosmetics budget and also behave in an ecologically acceptable way.

Apart from green products, there are also some other methods for keeping your skin clean and your approach green. For example, having physical trainings will help your skin get rid of all the bad chemicals and, together with drinking enough water, invigorate and revive your skin.


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