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What to Look For In Inmate Management Software


The population of criminals in the prisons is increasing. The reasons for the rise in this number are yet to be ascertained. Some people blame it on mismanagement of jail premises while others attribute the increase in the number of prisoners to rising number of crimes as well as criminals. Whatever the case, it has become increasingly challenging for the prison management authority to handle the general health and the safety of the prisoners within the jail walls.

Management is actually just one of the features as far as jails are concerned. There is a range of notable inadequacies which include lack of interagency coordination, absence or insufficiency of MIS systems and lack of informed and data based decision making. This explains why experts have developed a solution to help curb all these inadequacies. Jail inmate management system is just one of the solutions that have been developed to help ease the challenges being faced by jail managers.

Benefits of inmate management software

Typically, a well designed jail inmate management system should have the capabilities of easing all the circumstances. It should be able to provide official corrections and the rest of the staff adequate power to handle as well as view information related to the inmate population and facility usage. Besides these important uses of inmate management system, below are other benefits:

· Customized time management: Popular inmate management systems commonly contain window based screens that consequently make data entry and reporting process easier, clearer and more concise. The system controls all the jail areas right from prisoner checks, booking and even photo image screens responsible for allowing efficient and speedy inmates’ booking.

· Commissary items: most inmate management systems usually provide standard documentation screens as well as fields. These tools can be used in the tracking as well as entry of commissary items in the system. Additionally, it allows the use to maintain and manage the accounts of prisoners and automatically deduct funds when purchases are made.

· Accurate management of inmate information file: the software is designed in a manner that makes it possible for inmate information to be maintained accurately. Information relating to sentence details, background information and contact information and so on is kept up to date. Additionally, warning flags for each inmate is provided together with other relevant information such as medical, suicidal, violent and flight risk among many others.

· Maintenance of the cells: authority responsible for the management of jails can set individual calls and maintenance in the inmate management system. Schedules can also be tracked easily within the system including the associated costs.

With the right jail inmate management system, prison management is simplified completely. Property logs, medical questionnaires, commissaries, meal and visitor logs, case, fines and court dates are easily tracked to avoid unnecessary delays and mistakes. Jail management system exists to help jail managers and staff to perform their offender management duty more effectively. In general, jails are made safer for every person who has contact with the facilities, leaving the staff to concentrate more on the essential duty of care and safety towards the society.


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