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The All Seeing Software- Role of Unified Communications as a Service


Businesses have branched into the online world in order to attract more clients and target a potential market that is estimated to reach epic proportions in the coming years. It is important therefore to keep track of the huge amount of communication types going around an organization and beyond. It is important that official communication be streamlined and managed by a central source, and this is where unified communications as a service stakes its claim. There are a variety of services that such applications and software can serve, apart from guiding the entire communication procedure from a particular source.

There has been a rapid increase in the demand for unified communications for businesses. The reasons are:-


Businesses these days need to be much more careful regarding the employee’s views regarding matters which concern the organization. Furthermore, it is possible for some of the employees to access delicate information via the virtual platform, so it becomes essential to keep a tab on the communication type and content of the staff.


It often becomes difficult to sieve necessary information from the data jargon generated during a cycle of communication. However, software that provides unified communications as a service can easily identify and record relevant communication, for instance messages, chats, e-mails etc.

Substantive search

Information that is provided needs to be substantial and should have the entire context in which it has taken place. There is no use of half-baked information and incomplete communication details invariably paint a false or blurred vision of the issue at hand.

Easy retrieval of information

Software makes it easy to gather past information which otherwise would be a very arduous process. Communication exchanges from the past are very difficult to dig out and issues remain unresolved due to their unavailability. Unified communications service software ensures that such information is stored for easy restoration.

Protection of information

Information is stored in a tamper proof environment and protection measures are in place to prevent people from trying to tamper with or completely delete the information. Audit trials, purchase vouchers, messages etc. are kept secured for easy access.

These days, employees can cause organizations to be in deep trouble even before they realize it. It is important that a certain kind of defense mechanism is in place in order to sort out unconsented information disclosure issues and nab the perpetrator with malicious intentions. The evidence collected by these software also act as a source of strong evidence in a court of law to settle disputes.

There are some industries for which government specifies the installation of certain unified communication services software due to the delicate nature of the product/ service they are dealing with. Most government offices which handle highly sensitive information monitor their employees’ communication pattern and content.

Recent spate of controversies regarding the snooping tactics of various intelligence agencies have resulted in widespread disagreement to this kind of observatory tactics. On the other hand, businesses need to employ such procedures as without them, their vulnerability at the hands of their staff increases manifold. Such a scenario is not conducive for work, where both the parties view each other with a feeling of distrust and this lack of communication results in complete breakdown of the process. Complying with the norms and a certain moral obligation to the workspace need to be cultivated to solve this issue.


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