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5 Smart Habits Most People Can Do Daily to Help Save the Planet

Saving the planet is usually something we can all get on board with. Unfortunately, many of us just simply don't know where to start. We're going to share with you five easy habits you can start doing today to do your part to help save the planet.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

One trip to the store, and suddenly you have a bunch of plastic bags that typically get tossed in the garbage. You can completely eliminate your use of plastic bags by investing in some sturdy reusable shopping bags. These are perfect for throwing in the car. Many even come with a thermal lining to ensure that your items stay warm or cool during transportation.


This habit is an obvious one that many people simply skip over. Recycling helps to ensure that we utilize fewer new resources to produce the products that we need. Take the time to put the recycling bin in a convenient place. One of the biggest reasons that people fail to recycle daily is simply because the garbage is conveniently close. You can change that in an instant.

Invest in Tupperware

Tupperware should be an investment that is well worth your money. Many people tend to rely on plastic bags to pack their lunches. Each day, they throw away the plastic bag and pull out a new one. This is extremely unnecessary when there is Tupperware that can do the same job even better. You can find all different sized Tupperware containers that can ensure you are living sustainably. From sandwich containers to bowls, Tupperware has every size you need to pack the food that you love in a safe and reusable manner.

Program Your Thermostat Correctly

Many homeowners have a programmable thermostat that they can easily set to adjust the temperature in their home. Take a moment and program your thermostat to reduce its efforts while no one is home. In the wintertime, you can set your thermostat to a lower temperature throughout the day and have it kick up the heat to a more comfortable temperature shortly before you arrive home.


Using a car to get to work everyday uses a lot of fuel. That fuel lets off harmful emissions that contribute to environmental problems. One way to help reduce your impact on the planet is to carpool. You may find carpool groups in your local area that drive to other areas in a nearby town. Or, you may simply decide to carpool with a friend from work.

Saving the planet can be done with a combination of many little steps. The above are just five of the many smart steps you can take to do your part. Talk with a local organization, like Sustainability for Life, to learn about what else you can do. The more habits you stack on top of one another, the more you can make a real difference in the world.

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We switched from Tupperware to glass containers with flexible plastic lids. It’s not 100% plastic free but uses much less plastic. Plus we can microwave foods in them without the lids. I don’t like microwaving plastic especially if the food has fat in it because of chemicals transferring from the plastic to the food via the fat. 

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Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag. Use long-lasting light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also flip the light switch off when you leave the room!

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