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Go green with your warehouse

Modern storages feature the use of modern technological solutions that define the processes of accepting, managing and storing the goods. In order to stay competitive you need do more than just meet the standards. Going green will speak for itself because this move will show your reliability and it will save you some extra cash.

Walk around and keep your eyes open – While walking around the warehouse think about changing as many installations to more efficient ones in order to save more energy. The warehouse doesn’t produce that much carbon footprint as much as the machines do but it will certainly count as the first measure of making a change.

Install self-shutting doors on thermally regulated areas - While you search for any air leaks of the thermally regulated areas the problem might be with the front entrance. A lot of self-shutting doors work on the sensor principle with the shutting speed regulation. Maintaining a certain temperature on some areas may cost a lot of money so it is wise to have the rooms well isolated. By focusing on the door while isolating you can save a lot more than you think.

Motion sensor lights – It is not a bad idea to install the motion sensors in every room. This way you will make sure that the light doesn’t stay on in vain and thus consume more energy and money. By installing the motion sensors you can save up to 70 percent of light electricity. Sensors and timers may be useful for a lot more things. For example, it can automatically regulate the temperature every time the personnel are present. This way you will ensure that the goods have an equal temperature at all time.

The advantages of skylights – Every distribution center should have windows on the roof in order to provide the daily light and save the energy consumption of the light. Even a smallest window can be very efficient and make a huge difference for your warehouse.

The mileage of forklifts The forklifts are not made to cross many miles but they are doing a lot of heavy weight lifting around the storage. Order the employees to unload the goods as near as possible to the storing place in order to reduce the energy waste and cut the expenses as much as possible.

Every moment counts – Every unnecessary motionless moment of a truck is energy consuming and has negative effects on going green with the facility. Making a better organized schedule program can have positive influence on you productivity as well as your savings. Tell the driver to turn off the truck while to loading process is taking place and make him feel comfortable in the waiting room.

Rational consumption of supplies – A lot of distribution centers do not have a proper strategy of the loading and unloading process that can be time consuming and affect the air inside the facility. In order to prevent the large amount of carbon emissions of the warehouse, make an illustrated strategy for reducing the time of the machinery usage.

Use the natural recourses – Another way to go green is by installing solar panels which will heat specific rooms. You can also use them for heating up water and save reduce the energy expenses even more. Collecting rain water for the maintenance of the surroundings is another way to use natural recourses. This is considered to be a great way to provide you facility with technical which can be used for floor washing for example.

Going green is not just a trend it is a way of reducing expenses and showing business partners your reliability which can have impact on your reputation.


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