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Plumbing Upgrades to Make in Your Home for Reducing Water Waste



Ways to reduce water waste is something that every homeowner should consider, to save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and to maintain your property. Water waste is often something that goes unnoticed for a period of time because it happens in areas where we are not easily able to access. With just a couple adjustments and the help of a plumber, you can easily reduce the water waste in your home.


These are a few plumbing upgrades to make in your home for reducing water waste.

Install Low Flow Shower Heads


Low flow shower heads are easy upgrades to make on your own and affordable too. An average shower uses over fifteen gallons of water, but when you switch to a low flow shower head you end up using about seventy percent less water during the average shower.

Reduce the Water Pressure


Reducing the water pressure to your household is a great way to reduce the amount of water you use at any one time. Most homeowners are huge fans of high water pressure, which is often used as an indicator of good plumbing. However, by reducing the water pressure you become more conscious of how much water you are using and the amount wasted is significantly reduced.

Check for Leaks


A huge part of water waste happens out of sight, in areas where we don't even know water is being lost. Check your home and property for water leaks which occur over time as plumbing decays. A plumber is able to perform this role and can end up saving you both money and prevent damage that is being done to your property.

Replace Older Appliances and Fixtures


Older appliances and fixtures are often sources of leaks and water waste. Not only are these new appliances more energy efficient, but they are better put together and require less resources to operate. Older fixtures are also known to become damaged after time and spring leaks within the mechanisms.

Insulate Your Pipes


As colder weather sets in, it takes longer for hot water to reach the faucet and this is often made longer when the pipes in your home are not insulated. Insulating your pipes is easy and cheap, and it can mean the difference between a significant or a small amount of water waste occurring every single day.


Reducing water waste in your home is much easier than you think and should each of these tips should be reassessed every year.


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