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Sustainable Landscaping Design For New Residential Developments

Landscape design must be suited to the local climate. The native plant works well in the local climate for the design as they do not need a lot of extra watering, fertilizers and pesticides to survive. For this, the native plant and grass must be preserved or collected. However, Manuel Diaz Farms Inc. is a Wholesale plant nursery, all types of native plants and grass are available here.


To speed on sustainable landscaping practices, Homebuilders can go for the bioswales, rain gardens and the use of native plants. Mainly, Rain gardens help control runoff by directing stormwater to home landscaping sites while Bioswales are designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. The use of native plants minimizes maintenance costs and improves soil quality.

Landscape design varies on climate, so we examine characteristics and best practices in projects from the five major climate zones in the United States.


           Marine Climate:

On an urban site, steep slopes, compacted soil, lack of shade and stormwater runoff are the main challenges to address to maintain a Sustainable Landscaping Design. If the homeowners want a sizable vegetable garden, they have to face the lack of water for irrigation. For New Residential Developments according to Sustainable Landscaping Design, some steps are mandatory to be taken. Firstly, rainwater must be collected for irrigation and stormwater runoff must be eliminated from the driveway with the help of Rain gardens and Bioswales. Then The use of native plants such as ferns, birches and willows should be increased.


           Cold/Very Cold Climate:

To enhance water filtration in this weather, stormwater retention ponds are needed to add Landscaping Design for New Residential Developments. And Bioswales will be seeded with a mixture of native grasses and sedges. Most importantly, long, deep-rooted fescue grasses can be used because they absorb large amounts of water.

           Hot-Dry/Mixed-Dry Climate:

For Hot-Dry and Mixed-Dry Climate, Landscaping Design for New Residential Developments must include some points that are given below.

1.    Farmland should be restored to its original habitat.

2.    Rainwater percolates into the ground through permeable pavers at every driveway entrance.

3.    The curb cuts streets drain to allow water to flow into a dry bed, then into bioswales.


           Hot-Humid Climate:

To develop a New Residential with Sustainable Landscaping Design, Bioswales and rain gardens must be constructed with a highly permeable engineered soil that allows infiltration of water. Additionally, the native plant materials need to be selected to plant because they have the ability to tolerate the region's extremes of dry and wet weather.

           Mixed-Humid Climate:

Peoples in Mixed-Humid Climate can use dry-stack rock walls in their Sustainable Landscaping Design. Actually, Beard plants rock walls with mostly native plants. They don't even require a lot of water. Besides, the walls allow rainwater to flow properly without using pipes or concrete swales.


           New products and technologies to Green the Landscape

A successful sustainable Landscaping Design depends on the native plant and grass that can be found in Manuel Diaz Farms Inc. But there are new products and technologies to enhance sustainable landscape design.

1.    HydraCX2 is made from mechanically processed straw fibers. It can hold soil and seed in place on a steep slope.

2.    Synthetic turf is a new one that doesn’t need irrigating, fertilizing, mowing or pesticides.

3.    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems can be used to filter out particulate matter and even bacteria.

4.    Native desert plants don’t require irrigation. They can survive on very little rainfall.

Even though the development of new residential areas requires a Sustainable Landscaping Design, most of the homeowners have Lack Knowledge of Green Yard Practices. So they need to be aware of this practice in order to be successful in this field. On top of that, the use of native plants and grass must be increased for this.


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