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Best green business ideas

Saving the planet is not a one-time event; it’s a whole belief system you need to be constantly working on. Therefore, implementing ‘green’ into your business seems like a logical thing to do. Read the advice below that’ll help you do so!

Clever management. Clever use. Clever re-use.

It is kind of hard to resist the temptation of abusing resources given to us. It’s not that we are insensitive, but just rarely have the time to stop and think of what we’re doing to our planet. Now that you have stopped for a second, it is a safe bet to say that you are on the right path to making a difference for the planet.

Giving up on all benefits of modern world is no solution. The key is in wise management of what you’ve got going on around you. Breaking old habits will be hard at the beginning, but once it becomes a reflex, you’re set! Start small:

  • re-use plastic cups for water or just use regular glasses/mugs

  • tone it down with the use of paper in the office; if, however, you must use it – use both sides when printing, photocopying, etc.

  • re-use pots and jars; clean them and use them as storage for pens and other random items at the office. You can also use jars as vases, they’ll look equally fashionable at your office and your home

  • envelopes can be used couple of times, just stick labels over the address; after you’re done using them, use them as scrap paper for notes

Lights, set, go!

Being smart about using electricity is not really a big deal. Basically, all you need is a few tips to guide you and that’s that. So, for starters, do this:

  1. In case you are leaving the office for longer than half an hour, make sure all gadgets are unplugged. In case some gadgets are too complicated to turn on and off each time, that’s fine – skip those. Just turn off and unplug all those pieces of equipment that are wasting the electric energy for no reason – printers, computers, photocopiers, scanners… all those are a huge source of electricity abuse

  2. All compact fluorescent bulbs should be replaced with the incandescent ones. If you are leaving the room for longer than 15 minutes, turn the lights off

  3. Abuse of paper is such an unnecessary enemy of the environment. Instead of wasting tones of paper on printing out stuff that is barely important, encourage your colleagues/employees to start sending e-mails. All presentations, proposals, handouts and other can be sent via e-mail. It’s even better to have them stored in a computer, as paper is easily lost among piles of folders and other documents

  4. Air-conditioning management should be one of your top priorities. You are obviously not going to let yourself sweat or freeze to death, but you need to start thinking smart: don’t heat or cool rooms you don’t use. Leave air-conditioning on only during working hours. and make sure it’s set to energy-saving mode. To additionally save up, add insulation (i your budget allows it) or install carpets that will help warm up the room

Office supplies are a factor, too!

Since we use office supplies all the time, we need to be aware that they factor in saving the planet, too. There are eco-friendly supplies that cost about 5-10% more than regular ones. Yes, they are more expensive but it’s a small price to pay if you consider you are contributing to overall pollution decrease. Non-toxic highlighters, refillable ink cartridges, 100% recycled paper and regularly replaced air filters are the direction you should take!

Promotional items

All promotional items you’ve prepared for your clients should be eco-friendly or have a marking that says your firm is eco-conscious. You can even put a slogan next to your firm’s logo, or just use one of generally used symbols. That way you’ll encourage your clients to follow in your footsteps and save the planet!


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