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Simple Steps to Transform Your Home into A Green Home

Besides recycling and sorting our waste, there are numerous other ways in which we can protect the environment. Transforming our homes into green ones is one of the best ways in which we can boost our efforts. While many of us think that this is an expensive lifestyle to accomplish and follow, things are a bit different. In the process, you will achieve more than preserving the environment. You will also save your family budget. Below is a short list of strategies that you can implement to reach your goals.


Save Energy

It doesn’t take too much to waste energy, and the other way around is also true. There are so many simple gestures that will help you save energy. Sometimes it only takes a simple step like switching off the lights. But we have a list of additional things you could make to decrease your energy expenses.

·         Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. This bulb option is a better one because it generates more light and consumes significantly less energy. These bulbs currently fit all types of light fixtures and will help you four times the energy. It’s a worthy investment even it may be a pricier one. These light bulbs also last up to ten times longer than regular ones. 

·         Remember to turn off the lights. When you’re not using a space, avoid letting lights on. Light bulbs seem to be a small energy consumer but the energy consumed this way can easily add up. If you are the forgetful type, consider buying light sensors. They will help you enormously in the long run.

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·         Choose the right temperatures on your HVAC system. Your HVAC system is one of the biggest consumers in your home. To make sure that you don’t spend money unnecessarily on enormous energy bills, make sure to select the right temperatures.

·         Pay attention to your freezer temperature. Your freezer is one of the biggest consumers in your home as well. Don’t set a temperature that is too low or else it consumes too much energy.

·         Unplug electronic devices you’re not currently using. You might think that leaving your electronic devices plugged when not actively using them causes no harm. In reality, they will still consume energy.

The Property Itself Matters

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Many homeowners moved houses once they realized that their homes were eating up too much energy. If you face similar issues and no measure seems to decrease your energy expenses, it might be the right time to get started searching for luxury houses for sale in London. Although these properties are labelled by their sellers as luxury and have impressive build quality, they are still very affordable. Start searching for similar properties and switch your entire living environment. In most cases, this is affordable than trying to fix potential issues that your house might have. Install solar energy panels, if you want to become greener and self-sustainable. This is one of the best solutions to decrease energy costs and become self-sustainable.

Strive to Get a Cleaner Indoor Air

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Many homeowners forget about the quality of the indoor air when they plan on buying exclusive homes in London. Air pollutants cause a variety of respiratory conditions. Everyday objects release into the air chemicals and allergens which damage the inhabitants’ health. To get a cleaner indoor air, start to select through your cleaning products. But you can take some other additional steps to improve indoor air quality.

·         Prohibit smoking inside. Tobacco smoke is one of the most dangerous air pollutants inside a home. Passive smoking is a health concern that affects especially young children and elders. Second-hand smoke exposure is one of the main causes of various types of cancer, mainly lung cancer.

·         Consider growing plants indoors. If you start growing living indoor plants, you will benefit from the advantages of a natural air filter. Some particular plants have more air-cleaning capabilities than others do. Dwarf Date Palm, Boston Fern and Kimberly Queen Fern are only some plants that will help you get a cleaner indoor air.

·         Install a carbon monoxide detector. Many of us think that all gasses have a distinctive odour. This isn’t true in carbon monoxide’s case. Exposure to this gas can cause initially hallucinations, and ultimately, it can lead to death. You can find a carbon monoxide detector in home improvement stores at affordable prices.

·         Use bio detergents or cleaning products. You can find them online, and luckily for the environment and your health, manufacturers don’t use any harmful chemical in the manufacturing process. Alternatively, you can start learning how to make your own, using supplies around your home. You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean dirty pots and pans, your floors and countertops, your sink and toilet bowl and so on. These are versatile options that you could start considering.

Reduce Waste

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Waste is one of the main environmental concerns of our era. If you want to reduce the amount of waste that you generate as a household, consider implementing some of the following advice.

·         Buy less. We tend to buy more food that we can eat and this makes us waste so much food. Try to make a weekly shopping list. A great idea would be to start implementing a weekly meal plan as well. This will offer you a better idea of the food that you have to buy for an entire week. Learn how to estimate your quantities.

·         Reuse. Instead of buying disposable products, try to invest in reusable ones. This will help you reduce plastic and paper waste. For instance, instead of buying paper towels, buy reusable cotton towels and wash them when necessary. Instead of using plastic wrap, buy reusable beeswax paper wrap.

These simple measures will help you become more self-sustainable and transform your home into a green home. Follow the advice above and you will start noticing how your energy bills decrease and how you become healthier than ever.


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