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Factors To Consider When Landscaping In San Francisco's Microclimate


Landscaping for San Francisco's Microclimate

San Francisco boasts some incredible gardens and landscapes, but that doesn't mean it doesn't face some unique obstacles. In fact, understanding the microclimate of the region is vital for achieving a vibrant and healthy landscape that will thrive from season to season. The following tips can help you master the San Francisco setting so that you can better tend and care for your garden and landscape.

Understanding the Terrain

San Francisco is known for its peaks and valleys. This uneven terrain, while interesting and visually appealing in its way, poses some challenges for gardeners. The differences in terrain impact the microclimates of San Francisco neighborhoods. The key to achieving a great landscape, therefore, lies in getting to know your particular microclimate that may vary as many as nine degrees from another city section. Once you understand the particulars of your setting, you'll be able to choose plants that are likely to thrive on your property.

Factors that Determine Microclimate

Residents who live in the 'fog belt' and face west often experience considerable haze and strong winds. Unlike areas that experience far more sun, these residents have a reduced selection of plants to work with. Plants that can tolerate partial sun and strong winds are needed for these locations. On the other hand, if your home lies in a sunny locale, you'll want to choose plants that thrive in sun. You'll also need to understand the nature of your soil in order to choose plants for your particular landscape.

Contact Experts

A San Francisco-based landscaping service can help you determine the nature of your microclimate and help you choose plants to install even if you prefer to plant them yourself. Having an assessment from professional landscapers who work with different San Francisco microclimates each day will result in a better understanding of your property. They can tell you what plants are most likely to thrive in your setting and how you can best maintain the plants you choose. Even if you prefer to include some plants off the 'preferred' list, they are likely to have helpful solutions for maintaining your choices and keeping your plants healthy and looking great.

Source: Tamate Landscaping in San Francisco


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