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Best tips to go green with our pets

Every pet owner dreams of going green with his/her pet but a few of this individuals realize their dream. Those who fail to realize their dream have one reason to blame – they are not aware of the ways to go green with a pet. When our pets are living green, we not only facilitate the creation of a healthy earth but we also aid in ensuring that our pets are healthy. In the light of this, going green with our pets should be a goal to be attained by every pet owner.

1. Purchase pet gifts that are eco-friendly

When you go out to buy a gift for your pet, ensure that the gift is eco-friendly. Gifts that are made of recycled materials and sustainable fibers e.g. hemp are recommended. For example, if you go out to buy a pet bed, a bed that is made from materials such as organic cottons are the best since they are comfortable and are friendly to the environment.


2. Feed them using organic foods

Going green requires us to watch the kind of food that we use on our pets. If you are keen enough, you must have realized that most pet foods that are found in food stores are made from animal by-products and fillers that are processed in dangerous ways. In fact, the materials that have been used to manufacture such food have been rendered harmful for human consumption. Surely, if they are harmful to us, why should a person buy the same food for his/her pet? The best option is to go for organic foods that have been minimally processed. Always buy organic foods that have been approved by reputable organizations.


3. Scoop the poop

Most of us are used to the idea of using polythene papers to dispose pet poop. That is wrong. Considering the fact that our pets will always live with us for a significant amount of time, it means the number of poop bags that we will dump will increase over time. In that case, it is advisable to scoop the poop and dispose it without using the polythene bags. This will not only reduce the number of non-biodegradable bags in the environment but it will also reduce the cost of having to buy the polythene bags regularly. Alternatively, if you should use a container, go for a biodegradable one or

4. Clean your pet using earth- friendly detergents

There are plenty of earth-friendly detergents that you can use in cleaning your pet. Others cleaning agents e.g. pet shampoo are not only earth friendly, they are also safe on your pet since they contain no chemicals and toxins. The shampoo also breaks down easily in water hence it is harmless to the water system.

5. Adopt a pet instead of buying

If everyone contributes to towards the reduction of the number of pets in our streets, there is no doubt that going green with our pets will be achieved. Nowadays, our streets are filled with homeless pets that wander around while polluting their environment. In that case, serious persons who want to go green with pets should start with adopting at least one pet from local shelters.


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