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Green up Your Office - Gadgets, Furniture and Eco-friendliness

The trend of going green does not only has to apply only to recycling, cars and lifestyle, you can now redecorate your own office to become more efficient and more eco-friendly. Replacing small gadgets and items in your office is the first step towards a more ergonomic future.

Reusable coffee cups

Eco cups are the perfect replacement for annoying paper cup coffee morning. No more accidentally spilling your coffee or worrying that it will be too hot to carry. You can also personalize them and bring a piece of your imagination to wherever you go. They are reusable so you can just refill your cup for your daily coffee fill.


Image credit saveur.com

Dry eraser boards

If you think about sprucing up your office and you are worried that FengShui will not be in balance, then you will need a bamboo dry erase board. Instead of using sticky paper reminders, use easy to clean and maintain bamboo boards.

Rock vs. paper

Going back to the stone-age seems like a bad idea, unless you are thinking of the stone paper called Repap. Possibly the smoothest and most qualitative paper you have ever had the chance to write upon. With this product you will greatly help recycling and saving our planet.

The long-life pen

Imagine that you have a pen that will work for years to come, no more wondering when the little guy will run out of juice. With The Seven Year pens you get a guarantee that they will work for seven years, no matter what. Even when you are done with them, because they are biodegradable you can still throw the pens away carefree.

Reusable water bottles

Not only coffee cups can be made from recycled material, you can also get a water bottle that is made from such material that it is reusable and stylish at the same time. Instead of wondering whether there are enough paper cups, now just fill your bottle up and you are good to go.


Image credit


Eco lunch boxes

Remember when you were a kid; you could pack your lunch in stylish lunch boxes. Now you can do that again with the eco collapsible lunch box. When not in use, the box only takes up one third of its original size, easy to maintain and easy to store. It even comes with a built in spork.

Green electrical gadgets

If you truly wish to optimize your office to go full green then you should also consider gadgets that will help you reduce your power usage. Small gadgets like solar-powered chargers which will at least minimize the power you use for your handheld devices.

You can also equip your phone with apps that remotely control your office’s temperature. You will not have to leave the air-conditioner on for the weekend so that the room will be warm when you return.

Green furniture

Usually companies that are concerned with their environmental impact consider getting green furniture or eco-friendly. Before buying any piece of furniture, always review their certificate, and you have to watch out whether the materials and procedure used is eco-friendly.


Image credit rof.com.au

Most of the materials can be recycled, which means that just because you want to buy green furniture you will not have to choose only wooden ones. Basically any material is possible. Lastly, if you wish to minimize the cost, try to look for local manufacturers.

Also, look for quality, the more durable the less you have to spend on furniture. On the other hand less resources needs to be used when you buy furniture of good quality.


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