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Do your Spring Cleaning the Green Way

Spring cleaning is one of the most liberating and refreshing traditions in the civilized world. Even if you are someone who is really meticulous about their home and about keeping things clean, a big, thorough and overwhelming spring cleaning is more than welcome. It is both a way to send off the winter and also to make the house lighter, fresher and, of course, cleaner.

One thing that you may not have thought about is how green your spring cleaning has been. Well, we would like to share a few pieces of advice with you that can ensure that you are greener than ever when doing the spring cleaning.

Dry your clothes the old-fashioned way. Usually, when we do spring cleaning, we also make sure that we wash most our clothes, some to be stored and other to be worn in the ensuing period. One of the things that most people forget about, even when they do their washing up with the most natural and green detergents and other "chemicals", is the drying. Most people still do their drying with dryers or their washing machines (if they have the option) and forget that they can do it outside, in their backyard or balcony. Not only do you do this without wasting energy, but you also get to go outside and get the real fresh smell and not the "fresh smell scent".

If you have decided to repaint your home, it is absolutely crucial that you pay attention to what you are putting on your walls. There used to be a time when you only had to worry about the so-called VOCs, Volatile Organic compounds that are bad for your health. The problem is that some manufacturers make VOC-free paints that have other toxic materials in them. Make sure to inquire about truly non-toxic and green paints.

Find the right people to do your dry cleaning and do not forget about steam high pressure cleaning. Steam high pressure cleaning is super-green because you involve nothing but water. If you decide to dry-clean your carpets and other traffic-heavy areas of your home, make sure that you go with someone who will use only non-toxic chemicals that are safe for the children and pets.

Forget all about paper towels. Paper towels may seem like a great solution and they often are, but they are just too much of a burden for the planet. Making paper towels involves making paper, which in turn involves using trees. You may think that your few rolls of paper towels are not that much, but that is the first mistake you can make. Every little bit helps.

You should also seriously consider natural, everyday alternatives for various cleaning, de-clogging and all other products that you use during your spring cleaning. You can find a very extensive list of alternatives for even the most serious chemical products here . You would not believe how much money you can save, not even to mention the impact this will have on the planet.


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