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A Few Ways to Practice Eco Conscious Pest Control


When dealing with pests such as mice, rats or insects, a homeowner will experience frustration and usually do anything to rid his or her house of the problem. While true, plenty of people don’t want to use toxic methods to kill pests as they want to protect their family and the environment. Luckily, there are a few ways to get rid of the pests without damaging the planet. Here are four ways a commercial pest control company can help you in an environmentally friendly way.

No-kill traps: When dealing with vermin, you can use a no-kill trap. Not only will you not use any chemicals, but you won’t harm the animal. This is one of the most cost-effective pest control services you can use; you will also not worry about causing the animal unnecessary pain as you can release it into the wild. If you follow this method, remember to check the traps often as you don’t want a mouse or rat to starve to death in a trap.

Sonic pest repellents: If you deal with burrowing animals like moles and gophers, you can use an underground solar-powered sonic pest repellant. A professional can install it in your garden; you will then watch as the pests are annoyed and leave your garden. If you deal with other animals like rabbits, skunks, mice and deer, you can also use an above-ground sonic pest repellent. If you don’t feel comfortable installing one in your yard, you can easily find a commercial pest control company that can install it quickly.

Traps: If you want to kill gophers, you can use a trap. While gopher traps will kill the animal, you won’t need to use any toxic chemicals or pesticides. If you want, you can buy the traps from a local hardware store and try to set them up yourself. While possible, you should hire a professional who can set them up the right way. When doing so, you can reclaim your garden within days.

Natural pesticides: If you can’t kill the pests on your own and traps didn’t work, you can try natural pesticides. Pest control services can analyze the situation, ask you a few questions and get to the bottom of the issue by using the right pesticides for the task because there are many kinds of pests so you need to use the right pesticides. Then, within a few days, you will watch as fewer pests enter your house or garden. You must understand, at times, it’s crucial to use natural pesticides as a way to get to the root of the problem.

If you want to enjoy a pest-free home, you will want to hire a professional who can help you kill the pests once and for all.


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