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Fuel-Efficient Diesel Water Pumps


While we can all hope that fossil fuels will no longer be need in the future for engines, today they are an essential part of everyday life. Until alternative energy prices come down to the point where they are more cost-effective, the majority of businesses will continue to use engines powered by fossil fuels. For pump applications, diesel fuel is still widely preferred over clean energy. While this is somewhat disappointing, the good news is that many fuel-efficient diesel pumps exist in the marketplace today that can both cut fuel expenses and help the environment. This article will outline some of the leading innovations that have been introduced into this emerging market.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Standard diesel fuel is not only harmful to the environment, it has also been shown to affect those immediately handling it. Commonly seen in some modern-day automobiles as an alternative to hybrid power, Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) has made its way into the water pump industry in recent years. The benefits of reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and increased long-term operator safety have led many modern businesses to purchase ULSD-integrated diesel water pumps. Available from many leading brands, these pumps have become increasingly common in today's marketplace. BBA Pumps have been getting a reputation as leaders in this field.

Biodiesel Pumps

Especially in European markets, biodiesel water pumps are continuing to increase in both adoption and functionality. For gasoline, oil, and water applications alike, biodiesel pumps continue to become more affordable and useful. These have become so affordable in fact, that their prices are generally competitive with traditional engines. For example, a simple 1/2 horsepower biodiesel pump can be purchased today for about $100, while standard pumps of the same specifications would cost about $80. As this gap continues to to be reduced, biodiesel water pumps will continue to become more common in the near future.

Brushless Fuel Pumps

Brushless fuel pumps provide a reliable and uninterrupted flow of fuel to diesel water pumps. While used widely in automobile applications, this new technology has recently found its way to fuel efficient water pumps. By reducing power consumption through variable output thresholds, brushless fuel pumps can increase motor efficiency and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. Since water pumps often need to quickly vary their output levels as pressure levels change, brushless fuel pumps have the extra advantage of making these water pumps perform more effectively while cutting down on emissions.

While these solutions certainly don't eliminate carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, they do cut back on energy consumption. In a world where green energy technologies still see limited applications, diesel water pumps are a great way to minimize fossil fuel usage while still maintaining the feasibility of offering competitively-priced products and services.


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