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Extend Your Pool Time with Solar Sun Rings

If you are a pool owner, you will definitely want to make the most of your swimming pool. But this is mostly possible during the short span of summer months, and that too till the sun has not gone down the horizon. Most of the people residing at Tampa are installing solar panels for home to run various electrical appliances along with cutting down the monthly expenditure on electricity bills. But not many people are aware that they can also keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature even after the sun is down. Wondering how? Take a peek into the era of new age solar sun rings and know more about this promising technology that has already caught the fancy of a lot of solar enthusiasts.

First Things First: What are Solar Sun Rings?

Solar sun rings are passive solar swimming pool heating devices that uses heavy-weight U.V. resistant twin sheets of vinyl. Such rings have a clear upper layer that holds insulating air and also focuses the sunrays on the blue colored lower layer. The lower layer can absorb almost 50 percent of sunlight falling on it, which is then converted into heat. The sunlight that is left is then allowed to infiltrate through the lower layer in order to heat the pool water. During the night, the contained air between the upper and lower layers of the solar rings functions as an insulating blanket that retains heat which is saved during the day.

How is Solar Sun Rings Designed?

Solar sun rings come equipped with as many as six magnets that help in decreasing the hardness of the water in your swimming pool and also in improving its clarity. The magnets in the rings are positioned to facilitate rafting. The magnets are powerful enough to allow single position removal, but you can easily separate them to avoid entrapment in case of accidental falls. Also, these solar rings are designed to be compatible with automatic pool cleaners.

Something New at Your Disposal

A newer version of the solar sun rings known as the water anchors is also available. These anchors are a series of pockets on the opposite side of the ring that get filled with water when the ring is placed on the surface of your swimming pool. These pockets help in keeping the ring on the water surface of your pool. Such a solar ring with water anchor is suitable to be used on swimming pools that are present in the areas that face strong winds frequently.

Do Solar Sun Rings Work?

YES! Although they work the same way solar pool covers do, the difference lies in the fact that you can easily disassemble the sun rings to ensure easy usage and hassle-free storage. Solar sun rings are not only a great alternative to bubble pool blankets and solar pool covers in terms of cost, but they also reduce the loss of energy due to evaporation. On a day to day basis, only a single solar ring can save as much as 21,000 BTU of heat. Another advantage lies in the fact that neither pool chemicals nor pool water can evaporate through the dual heavy-weight vinyl layers of the solar sun rings. This way, one can save both water and chemicals that almost equals the percentage of pool surface covered. When the pool water gets adequately heated, you can turn over the rings to limit evaporation and conserve water.

For all the Tampa residents enthusiastic about solar panels for their homes, the solar sun rings bring more good news. Here is a way they can go green and save money, without compromising on their lifestyle.



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