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Is It Possible To Go Solar In Your Apartment

Homeowners in the Sun Belt cities are blessed with abundant sunshine. But, does that mean that they are the only ones who can make the most of the solar solutions offered in Tampa and other sun-kissed areas? Can’t apartment dwellers take advantage as well? Well, sure they can. Although most apartments don’t offer the scope for installing the traditional panels, portable innovations are already in the market to help the apartment dwellers go green without wasting a fortune. Let us explore how to equip an apartment with solar solutions.

Evaluate a Few Things before Shopping for Solar Panels

The first thing to do before buying solar panels is finding a place where they can get maximum exposure to the sun. Check your external walls, the facades, and the space above windows to measure available space. Shadowed areas in or around your apartment can reduce your solar energy generation. So, pick only the places that get lots of sunlight all day. North and North-West facing panels are reported to generate most out of the sunlight. Try to figure out how much energy you need every day. You can check online portals to calculate the amount or you can even look for energy usage graph in your last electricity bill. Digging out information about these things can help you make the right choice.

Buy Slap On Solar Chargers

These solar chargers can re-charge your mobile without asking for an electrical outlet. All it needs is a window and stable sunlight. These panels come as square or round patches that can cling to glass and absorb sunlight to generate energy. They can store up to 1800 mAh power to recharge your mobile through its USB port. Those who spend an awful lot of time on their phones can use these solar panels to stay connected without increasing the electricity bills.

Let Your Balcony Contribute

Sure, you cannot mount solar panels on your apartment roof, but you still have a balcony! Modern plug and play solar panels for balconies can generate a considerable amount of energy. Although, it is not quite enough to handle all your electricity needs, it can definitely shrink your energy bills. Installing these deck mount solar panels is fairly easy as well. All you have to do is put them on your balcony railings and hook them up in an outdoor power outlet. It comes with a monitoring device to let you know how much energy you are generating.

Move with the Sun

Movable solar panels allow apartment dwellers track the sun all day to store most from sunrays. These panels are generally housed in a wheel-equipped frame that can be moved from one place to another. When space is a constraint, movable solar panels can be extremely helpful in getting solar energy without permanently eating up space in your apartment.

Get Energy from Others

If for some reason you cannot install a solar panel, there is always the option of getting Renewable Energy Certificates or green tags. This energy is actually the unused solar energy that has been kicked back to the grid by the other panel owners. Generally, one unit of green credit/ tag energy costs $0.0045, but it is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Going green is not just trendy, it is also the best way to reduce your energy bills while saving the planet. And, as the information suggests, living an apartment life does not exclude you from getting solar solutions in Tampa, Orlando and other areas in the U.S. So, check your options and preferences and get the right solar panels for your apartment.

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