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Tips For Using More Environmentally-Friendly Products In Your home

You don’t have to sacrifice convenience or live off the grid to help the environment. Just by switching to environmentally-friendly products, you can make a significant difference. Here are tips to help you make the transition.

Cleaning the Green Way

Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. The good news is that it is easier than you think to avoid these. A paste of water and baking soda, for example, can be used when you need a slightly abrasive cleaner to clean countertops or filthy pots and pans. White vinegar makes an excellent glass cleaner and it can also be used to dissolve soap scum. If homemade cleaners are not enough, you can find a variety of green cleaners at many grocery stores. Switching from the old cleaners to eco-friendly products is usually a seamless process and you won’t sacrifice a clean home.

Using Non-Toxic Pet Products

Using non-toxic pet products benefits both the environment and your pet. Like other cleaning products, pet hygiene products often contain harmful chemicals that end up in the water supply. Even pet shampoos can contain ingredients that interfere with nature’s delicate balance. By switching your pet’s skin care products to natural ones like Roxy’s Remedies, which contain only environmentally-friendly ingredients, you reduce the negative impact on the environment. Some ways to reduce fleas include vacuuming pet bedding and using vet-approved topical products that are absorbed into the skin instead of sprayed on the coat. Avoid flea foggers, flea carpet sprays and similar items that contain harsh pesticides.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Plastic water bottles and other single-use plastic items stick around long after they are thrown away. It isn’t enough to try to recycle these things because the recycling process itself uses energy. A better step to take is to eliminate these items and switch to reusable containers. Use stainless steel water bottles in place of disposable water bottles, and use canvass totes to replace plastic shopping bags. Pack the kids’ sandwiches in hard-sided plastic sandwich holders to avoid disposable plastic sandwich bags.

Lighting Efficiently

Efficient lighting like LED and CFL bulbs help reduce energy usage. However, you can employ other methods in addition to buying energy efficient bulbs for your home. Installing dimmer switches, for example, allows you to adjust lighting according to need and eliminates some energy waste.

Using Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy consumption increases your carbon footprint. Each time you upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, you reduce your energy consumption. Whenever you buy new appliances, such as air conditioners or washing machines, for your home make sure you choose the energy-efficient option.

As your home becomes more environmentally-friendly, you might also notice side benefits such as lower utility bills. You can also be assured that as you reduce your use of toxic products, you are reducing their impact on your health and not just the environment. Switching to greener products just makes sense.


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