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How Manufacturers Can Reduce Emissions in 2016

A good year to work on reducing your toxic gas and carbon dioxide emissions is this year. As a manufacturer, reducing your negative mark on the environment is good for the environment and good for business. You never know how much far your efforts will go if you do not try. Learn about at least five ways that manufacturers can reduce their emissions in 2016.


Use of Energy-Efficient Products             

Using energy-efficient products is the easiest way to cut back on emissions. Manufacturers start by listing the appliances that consume the largest amounts of energy, such as a boiler or engine. For every item listed, there is an energy-efficient alternative that exists.


Energy Conservation

Conservation is the use less of a product that consumes a lot of resources. One way that manufacturers conserve energy is to use less of their vehicles. Their employees rely less on vehicles that emit large amounts of toxic gases. They drive less, manufacture fewer products and use fewer factories. To create fewer products, manufacturers rely on recycling and reusing materials that have already been used, such as paper and metal.


Use of Natural Energy

Manufacturers use energy that is derived from natural sources and does not contribute significantly to pollution. This type of energy comes from the sun, the wind and the water. More manufacturers are using solar energy as the technologies become more advanced, such as solar panels. They are working in buildings that are rated according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.


Catalytic Reduction Systems

Many manufacturers are using catalytic reduction systems that work with the use of chemistry. The process involves inserting urea into the exhaust gas and reducing the emissions of gases into the air.

Find catalytic reduction technologies being used extensively in cars and ships. These systems are installed on commercial boilers and known to reduce most emissions. Many suppliers, like Nationwide Boiler, have both new and reconditioned efficient boilers available.


Progress Monitoring

There is no point in creating a plan if you do not know the results. All sensible manufacturers keep track of the progress they are doing to save the environment. If they buy one new energy-efficient appliance, they at least check the energy bill to see if there is any difference.


Companies are investing in the future by investing in the environment. Manufacturers are building fewer factories, making fewer products and reducing their emissions by more than half. They know that without the environment there is no source of the products they sell in the stores. There are more than enough ways to start making these investments right away.


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