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Why it’s IT industry which should set a tendency towards “green culture” and focus on environment improvement

At first, it may seem that information technology and green movement can’t have common ground. But in recent years, the IT industry get leading positions in every aspect of human life. The appearance of “smart city” movement has changed the accepted notion of urban life and prove that the intersection of a digital solution and environmental needs gave birth to the phenomena of Smart City. It’s turned out to be the perfect way of enhancing the quality of urban life and services. The active implementation of modern technology can awake sophisticated resource consumption, improve transport sector, traffic management, transform health care, water and waste cycling.


The adoption of ‘cyberville’ will have a profound impact on climate change issue, economic restructuring, ageing population etc. It will engage citizens into the more responsible attitude toward a renewable source of energy, intelligent traffic management system, building green and friendly environment, efficient urban mobility, sanitation and solid waste management.


Furthermore, it enhances the interaction between citizens and government, which lead to more effective collaboration on crucial environmental issues. Due to IT - connectivity the ordinary citizen will have the opportunity to influence on the various subject of urgent importance and  much more power to implement their own vision of community life.


Nowadays, the concept of “digital city” sounds a little bit blandly, but what exactly gave a start to the rise and developing of “intelligent cities”? If to look back, just a few decades ago much more people have been living in rural places, but after the boom of an economy, infrastructure development and the growing opportunities in cities pushed people to find better life conditions and move to the urban areas. The explosion of population in cities face the problem of sufficient organization of urban life.


Suddenly, large areas need to be energy efficient, meanwhile, people need to learn themselves a sustainable development of energy. The main idea of a brand-new type of these areas is that the urban life started to be driven by the technology. Alex Patsko, the CEO of Customertimes, Salesforce Premium Consulting Partner , set his heart on creating smart infrastructure in “wired cities”. After a decade of providing a software solution for commercial enterprise, they started focusing on delivering services for data collection in real time, which will help one day to ensure a solution for various urban problems and can forecast the appearance of any problems.





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