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Why Car Renting Business Should Support Green Motion



In as much as change is natural and normal when negative effects start arising which counter the gains already made, this is a bad thing. Regrettably, those who end up suffering are not simply those who are causing the problems. This is why using electric cars in the car renting business is quite welcome and beneficial.

With ecologists claiming that there are numerous destructive alterations which happen to the Earth due to gas emissions and such similar things, it is beneficial when businesses such as car rentals incorporate these into their line of business when car renting coupons are purchased by people. For instance, for the last decade, Hertz offer special hertz rental coupons, the special discount for those clients who use electro cars and PHEV's to draw client attention towards the importance of carbon emission and popularize cars that will save the health of nature and for ourselves.


  • Energy security

The use of hybrid rental cars instead of the usual conventional cars helps in the green motion initiative by reducing reliance on petroleum products which are imported and thus increases the energy security. Because they use electric-drive technologies to increase efficiency, car rental businesses enable people to use less fuel. As a result, businesses in the car rental industry are thus able to influence people to use energy efficient resources which help reduce the amount of pollution to the environment.


  • Availability of infrastructure

Additionally, the fact that those renting out cars are also able to access the electric grid in places such as their homes, public charging places and at their workplaces is very beneficial. This means costs are greatly reduced which also reduces the need to buy cars which will need fuelling and emit carbon monoxide to the environment.


  • Emissions

As far as emissions are concerned, hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles used by car rental businesses can present numerous positive effects to the ecology. Although they will vary depending on the type and model, they reduce the emissions to zero unlike gas fuelled rental cars. This is particularly important during the holidays when the majority of people decide to tour the country and see the various attractions by renting out cars. The amount of gas emissions produced then is usually very high and thus, the importance to use electric cars for those who purchase car renting coupons.


  • Batteries

As is the case with conventional engine vehicles, the batteries in electric cars are usually made to last for a long time. In fact, there are those which can last for up to 8 years. The amount of pollution that occurs to the environment due to battery disposals is usually very high and thus any effort to reduce it is quite welcome. Not only does throwing batteries on the earth corrode the soil, but it also has a negative rippling effect on the wildlife and plants as well. Thus, car rental businesses forego the need of buying new batteries every so often in their line of business when they use electric vehicles.


Today, safeguarding the ecology is one of the things that rank at the top because it affects everyone’s livelihood. When businesses such as car rentals incorporate electric cars into their collection of vehicles for people to use, this goes a long way in ensuring that the destruction of the environment is reduced while enabling people to reduce reliance on fuel and gasoline which cause a lot of destruction to the green motion when car renting coupons are purchased. Thus, more car rental businesses should use electric cars in their line of business which is of much benefit to everyone.




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