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5 Modern and Energy-Efficient Furnishing Ideas for Your Home


In the 21st century modern furnishings has several important characteristics. They include functionality, simplicity, and are aesthetically pleasing. Go further by adding these with Eco-friendliness for an evolutionary component. Here are some ideas for blending these attributes together while decorating a home.


This idea continues to make energy-efficient lists due to the variety of innovative options. For example, pendant lights in diverse shapes of environmentally-friendly bulbs are a chic complement to any room. Consider using them in a myriad of colors where they alternate with white or use one color to make a bold statement. Place decorative solar lamps near windows and glass doors to take the conservation theme up a notch.


Rugs are a smashing idea to keep floors cooler in the summer while keeping floors warm and heat in during the winter. For the modern element, choose from textures, designs, and sizes to fit furniture already in place. Retailers such as
Modern Home 2 Go have a vast inventory of rugs to accent modern decorating themes.

Window Treatment

Solar blinds are energy-efficient as well as stylish with a plethora of colors and designs to choose from. They cut damaging UV rays while maintaining comfortable in-door temperatures. Models come with manual or remote control options. If there is a home automation system, this piece of furnishing can be programmed to open and close on cue.

Electric Fireplaces

Here is a piece of furnishing off the beaten path. However, it will become more than a focal point wherever it lands. These specialty pieces have dual functionality that includes an entertainment center and bookshelves. In addition, designs have different types of mantels, textures, colors, and sizes available. This translates into placing one in just about every room. It would not be truly modern without the remote control to complete the package. Enjoy the winter while controlling home temperatures.

Ceiling Fans

This Eco-friendly furnishing brings loads of personality to any decor. Factor in the ability to push cool air down and draw warm air to the ceiling delivers savings on energy bills. A simple pull of the string or push of a remote changes the direction of the blades. The type of blades also plays a role in achieving maximum efficiency from use. Additional accents include a light fixture with more money-saving benefits from green technology lighting components.

The environment has become important along with the public’s heightened awareness about conservation. Homes with modern motifs dictate keeping lines clean and space open. Here are five areas to achieve both goals with a trendy flair. Every modern homeowner enthusiast will love these ideas.


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