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About this blog

A plastic injection molding company is a company that manufactures plastics in order to make a number of products. Plastic is a very versatile type of material. This type of material can be used to make parts for a car or for the human body. However, plastic injection molding vendors can tell you that each different part requires a machine that can take the material and mold it according to the specifications set by the customer. Here are a few of the different types of molding available today.

Blow Molding

Blow molding uses a process that is similar to glass blowing. Air is inflated by some type of heated plastic mass called a parison. The parison is normally going to be a tube of some type. The plastic is then pushed against the mold by the air in order to form the shape that is desired. The plastic is ejected from the machine after it has cooled. This type of molding is designed to produce high quantities of hollow objects that are only one-piece by design. For example, this process is perfect for making a high quantity of bottles. Containers that have thin walls and are all extremely uniform are created by this type of molding, making it an economical choice for the buyer.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is what its name says it is. The heated plastic material is taken and placed inside of a mold that is heated. Once in the mold, the material is then compressed so that it will conform to the shape you wish it to be. Often, the plastic for this type of molding is provided in sheets. Curing, or the heating process that is used, makes sure that the final part is a quality part. Once the shaping is finished, the part is removed from the mold. If using sheeting plastic as the material, the material must be trimmed before the part can be removed from the mold. This type is a good choice when using compounds that are considered high-strength. The strength of the materials that are being utilized in this type of molding makes it excellent for the automotive industry.

Injection Molding

This type of molding is the most diverse of any other plastic molding techniques. The presses that can be used for injection molding come in a number of different sizes and shapes. Each of these machines is given a different rating based on the tonnage or the pressure of the machine. Larger machines can be used in order to make parts for cars, and smaller machines can be used in order to make precise plastic parts that may be needed in surgery. There are also a number of different types of materials that can be used with injection molding. This means that it is a great choice for a number of different designers and a number of different engineers.


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