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Some industrial and commercial environments require the installation of dust collectors to clean and filter the air. Most industrial and commercial environments where any fume, mist, debris, dust, or dirt is produced in an enclosed or semi-enclosed space is going to install a dust collector. These dust collectors perform a very important function in keeping employees safe and the workplace enjoyable and comfortable.


However, after installing a dust collector, many companies and their health and safety leads may wonder, is there anything else we should be doing? The answer is yes. Having a dust collector at your workplace is only the first step, you also need Goyen Timer Boards within your building, warehouse, or other space to ensure a dust collector is working properly.

Here is how dust collectors work to improve employee health and safety, and why installing a timer board is a best practice in the workplace.

Related Employee Injuries and Illnesses
Whether it is machinery, equipment, or materials that cause particles and impurities in your workspace, it is necessary to install a dust collector and timer board to keep your employees healthy and safe. There are some workplace injuries and illnesses that can result from dust and debris accumulating in the air.

It is also possible that gaseous buildup can cause employees to become sick, as well, and these can include the use of sprays, mists, and fumes. These illnesses typically manifest as respiratory complications and diseases. Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath are just the early stages. A persistent cough, complications with circulation and blood pressure, dizziness, vomiting, and other symptoms will arise if the work environment is not improved.

Sometimes, these respiratory illnesses are permanent and debilitating. In some cases, employees inhaled enough toxic debris or fumes that they needed to go on permanent disability. This is traumatic for the employee and costly for the employer.

These illnesses are the responsibility of the company. If employees develop any of these respiratory diseases or other related illnesses, the company’s worker’s compensation will be required to pay medical costs and disability. If an employee is out of work for an extended period, those disability payments can be expensive and a strain on your insurance plan.

Making a Change
A dust collector will clean the air within your workplace. Between this mechanism and the use of masks or other personal protective equipment, many companies feel they are providing the best possible environment for their employees. However, to operate properly, a dust collector requires the assistance of a small and unobvious device called a timer board. The Goyen Timer Boards sold by IndustrialZone.com are some of the most cost-effective and reliable timer boards available.

In actuality, a timer board simplifies the use of your dust collector. It automates the process and eliminates the need for other external devices attached to your dust collector, such as pressure switches and non-automatic timers. Time boards can even be set to run continuously. Therefore, timer boards are a great way to simplify the process of cleaning your workplace and keeping your employees happier and healthier.

Finding a Timer Board
The time boards from Goyen will integrate with different dust collectors and are easy to install. You simply need to find a location that is temperature controlled and avoid hot surfaces. When you purchase your Goyen Timer Boards from IndustrialZone.com, the process is even easier. Visit our online shop at www.industrialzone.com to shop a variety of timer boards and other industrial equipment that is designed to make your workplace the safest possible.

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