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About this blog

Natural ruby is one of four “precious” gemstones (including Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald) and is known as the queen of gemstones. It symbolizes the sun and a pure, original, and true “Ruby” gemstone is considered as a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. It is generally found in bright red color which can be attributed to the presence of chromium and aluminum-oxide in it.

Though, it has plenty of benefits a fake and treated one can infuse problems and can aggravate them. Thus it is important to be conscious while buying a ruby gemstone. This article is aimed at helping buyer purchase an original ruby.

Color of Ruby Gemstone- The most important thing that puts this gemstone apart of other gemstones is its bright red color which can be attributed to the presence of chromium and aluminum oxide in it. A real ruby gemstone is either dark red in color or light red in color and a ruby that has a color different than that is not a real one. So, while buying this gemstone one needs to be very conscious about its color.

Origin of Ruby Gemstone- Ruby gemstone has different origin like Madagascar, Ceylon, Burmese and many, however, a ruby from Madagascar is given the most importance and is the most expensive one.

The clarity of the ruby stone- One of the important parameters on the basis of which we can determine the originality of a gemstone is its clarity. If a gemstone has not retained its original texture and clarity there is every possibility that it is not the original one and you need not waste the hard earned money there.


Carat weight of ruby gemstone-   The carat weight of a gemstone determines its purity and originality and same go true for ruby gemstone.  Price of gemstones tends to increase proportionally with the increment in its carat weight and thus we need to be very conscious about its carat weight while purchasing it.

Treatment of Ruby Gemstone- These days’ gemstones are treated artificially to meet the growing demand of gemstones as the sources are depleting drastically. The original characteristics of a gemstone tend to vanish with every treatment and thus it is important for buyers to ensure the fact that it is not treated beyond a certain degree.

Shape or cut of a ruby gemstone- A ruby gemstone comes with various cuts and shapes like oval, round, emerald cut and heart shaped. The shape of a gemstone is fixed keeping its characteristics in mind. Its property tends to change with changing shape and thus it is important for buyers to buy only the shape prescribed by his/her astrologer.

About the author- The article is written by David Birnbaum an internationally recognized Private Jeweler and gem expert. He is internationally recognized as a Private Jeweler and gem expert. Committed to value and excellence, the international rare gem firm David Birnbaum / Rare 1 is the premier choice among jewelry and gem connoisseurs. 

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