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About this blog

Making a gift card for your beloved girlfriend is not that difficult. In fact, it will hardly take any time. Instead, a little effort might just make her day and earn you more brownie points. The idea is to make a big gift card for her and for that, you would need raw materials like colours, pictures, glue, a few carrier bags and luxury wrapping paper to wrap it up. Here is a list that might help you -

 Buy an A3 Sized Sheet – Anything smaller than an A3 sized sheet would not make her feel special. The card should be big and should represent your love for her. You would be required to fold the card in half to make the sheet into a ‘card’. Pastel A3 sheets are recommended for quality purposes.

• Get Wax Colors and Glue – The colours would be required for colouring purposes of course. Wax colours are recommended as they work perfectly on pastel sheets. The Glue will be needed for sticking the pictures on the card.  

• Find Pictures And Stickers to Stick on the Card – Now, this part is crucial. Select a few pictures of your girlfriend and you. Make sure that the pictures are clear and perfect for the occasion. The work should not look shabby. You can get the pictures printed from a printer.

• Sketch Pens And Markers – Sketch pens will be necessary for outlining the pictures and marking boundaries. It will not only add beauty to the card but will also show that you have put effort into it.

• Paper Carrie Bags – You would need a couple of these, as the size of the gift card would not be the same as usual gift cards you would find in the gift shops. These are needed to cover it up once the gift card is finally completed.


We begin by putting the sheet down and folding it in half. It will form a slightly larger gift card than usual, but that’s fine. The first step is to decide where you will paste the pictures you just got printed, paste them with the glue. Let them dry out for a while to avoid a mess. Once you are ready with pictures, outlines the boundaries with sketch pens.

Try and accentuate the pictures. You can also doodle something nearby to make it look even better. Now, use the wax colours to add some style to your doodles or patterns. Make the card as colourful as you can. Once the colouring is taken care of, you can try to add captions below the images to the quality of the gift card. In the end, add a sweet little message for your loved one. 

Finally, wrap it with wrapping paper and put inside a paper carrier bag. You can find coloured or white wrapping paper in UK along with other supplies that can make your gift complete.

Make your girlfriend happy which this amazing gift card!!.jpg

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